Half an hour every morning for the whole day = full of energy

2020-05-18 07.55.23
In less than 30 minutes during each morning, you can do a whole range of activities that will provide you with enough energy for the whole day. The habits you can adopt will certainly have positive effects — they will trigger metabolism, improve mood, and clear the mind.
Morning colors-color experts claim that the first thing we need to see in the morning (after waking up) should be bright and bright colors. After looking at the colors we will feel a surge of energy that will keep us active all day. Try this technique by changing the colors of the pillowcases, use a brightly colored lamp (red, orange or pink). You can do the experiment with breakfast (let it be colorful and colored with all colors) or fruit juices.
Turning off the alarm — the more often you move the morning time on the wake-up clock, the lazier you will be the rest of the day. When you move the waking time, your brain becomes aware that you have another 5 minutes and another 5 minutes. So you easily fall into a state of severe lethargy and fatigue. Eventually you get up lethargic and yawn all day.
Visualize the rest of the day — when you wake up while drinking your morning coffee or tea try to visualize the rest of the day. This will not increase stress but will help you organize your time and put all the dice together.
Drink water — one large glass of water immediately after waking up is welcome. With this glass of water you will replace all the lost fluid during the night. It is known that by losing only 1 percent of water in the body, physical and mental fatigue immediately begins. Depending on the daily activity 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is enough.
Morning shower with the sun’s rays – if you see the sun through the window immediately after waking up, your body wakes up. Start stopping the production of melatonin (a hormone that makes people sleepy). So try to spend a few minutes each morning by the open terrace or window looking at the sun. The morning sun is ideal for starting a good day.

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