Sun rays, salt water, chlorine and warm weather affect the skin and hair

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The strength and elasticity of hair depends on the balance of proteins and lipids. When that balance is upset, problems arise. Lipids (give hair softness and elasticity) disappear due to the action of sunlight, salt water and chlorine. In the period until complete hair renewal, aggressive shampoos should be avoided and mild shampoos (with lipids) should be used daily, which restore the hair’s elasticity and softness. In addition, various hair masks and packs should be used. Women most often complain of damaged hair with chemical agents.
Hair can be full of electricity. The strands become entangled in knots. Hair color becomes uneven. One of the reasons for these problems is hard water in the continental parts of the state and in the basins. Also aggressive hair gels change the structure of the hair on the hair. They cause dandruff. On hot days, use shampoos and conditioners with a UV filter and hair protection products even during a normal walk.
A period of strong sun, salt water, and chlorine dries the hair. The most common problems are:
-charged hair (lack of moisture or lack of lipids)
-difficult combing of hair, especially blonde and long hair with a thinner structure (cystine-taurine chain has given way, which means the hair needs treatment)
-Uneven hair color (hair damage)
-the hair is stiff and the hair is dull
If your hair is stiff and has no shine then get a haircut and remove ends that cannot be regenerated. It is advisable to avoid any chemical treatment of the hair until complete recovery and hair renewal.
Preventive measures to protect hair from the sun
In percentage terms, most of the hair structure is protein. Lack of protein is seen in hair without volume and thin hair structure. The hair is soft. Very curly hair, thick matte hair show a large imbalance of lipids / proteins in favor of protein. Such hair is prone to blooming and drying. The sun has a bad effect on such hair because hair that lacks protein dehydrates faster. Such hair is more prone to damage. The basic prevention is intensive hair care. This means washing your hair often with mild shampoos that do not act aggressively on the hair. It is desirable to use a hair mask with a UV filter that will protect the hair from harmful UV radiation.
How to restore skin elasticity
Many people during the strong sun have the problem of skin tightness, redness or irritation due to skin exposure to the sun, wind, chlorine in the pool or sea water. Here are some tips on how to restore skin elasticity:
-make a nourishing peeling from head to toe. After peeling, use a moisturizer.
-apply skin care products with gentle and massaging movements. Do not forget to apply the product on the feet while massaging them
-There are special creams for people who have dark sunspots on their face
-apply a face mask once a week
-Lips need regular care. Use lip balms regularly.
-Use hand creams regularly because this is where the skin is most sensitive and exposed.
Regular use of skin peels makes the skin glow and revitalize.
Recipe for homemade peeling that will nourish and hydrate the skin of the body:
One tablespoon of almond oil, one tablespoon of olive oil, 10 drops of vegetable carrot oil (carrot macerate), 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of carrot seed essential oil
Mix all ingredients. Apply to wet skin after showering. This is a blend for intensive skin care against dryness and skin aging.
First aid recipe (for body care): 2 tablespoons of raspberry oil, 6 to 10 drops of real lavender essential oil. Apply to wet skin after showering. This is a blend for intensive skin care against dryness and skin aging.

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