Help your child get through the first days of school

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Many children feel happiness, excitement and fear of school before starting school for the first time. This is a big change for every child and he should be helped to overcome this novelty in life.
8 tips to help your child overcome fear of school
1. Arouse the child’s interest in school – it is important that the child has a positive image of school. Avoid the sentences, “Now the real challenges of school await you.” Explain to the child that going to school is a happy event and moment and that the child is entering the world of adults. Talk about the fact that the school will teach many interesting topics and that the school is a place where new friendships are made.
2. Reduce pressure in children – do not insist that the child attends various courses and exercises in writing (reading) before going to school. If the child has not mastered writing and reading before going to school, he will learn in school that these techniques can be learned more easily through play and fun. Explain to the child that these skills are easily learned with the help of games and professionally developed programs and procedures adapted to the child’s age.
3. Adults have been in school — the occurrence of fear in children can be avoided if adults talk about their schooling and the years spent in school. That way, the child will quickly realize that going to school is a normal occurrence and will be less scared.
4. Talk to children constantly — listen to your child if he or she needs to talk about his or her fear of school. Adults should answer all children’s questions about school. Show safety because your child will slowly become safer and have more self-confidence. The child will understand that going to school can be mastered and that an adult will always be his support.
5. Have the child make decisions with adults — the child should be allowed to say their wishes and decide what kind of notebooks, notebooks, pens, backpack, or school bag he wants. These childish decisions reduce feelings of fear and helplessness.
6. Buying things for school with a child reduces fear – buying things and items for school is an exciting and fun activity for every child. Going to school with an adult should be more frequent. The child will have fun with these things and little things for school and more easily overcome the fear of school.
7. Introducing the child to school – before going to school, be sure to acquaint the child with the path and guidelines for school. Adults should often walk with the child next to the school and explain what the school is for. This way the child will have self-confidence and the fear of school may disappear over time. It is also important that adults give the child explanations about traffic and traffic rules along the way.
8. Introducing children and adults to the neighbors – it is useful for the child to get acquainted with other children who go to school (for the first time) before going to school. they can be long lasting.

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