Additional buttons are a reliable sign that the clothes are not disposable

When you buy a new item of clothing there are some small signs that the clothing is reusable and can last for years.
1. A reliable “sign” that the garment is not disposable are additional buttons.
2. If there is a little original spare thread in the bag – that is already a sign of the excellent quality of that garment.
3. So-called spare parts mean that the designer predicted that the clothes would last a long time. Long enough that she might need minor repairs sometimes.
4. Pay attention to the raw material composition, quality buttons. Buttonholes, strength and seam performance.
How to choose adequate clothing:
1. Individual cuts can highlight the best or worst on people. A good choice of cut works wonders.
2. High waist (skirts or pants) emphasize the lines. They further lengthen the legs. If you are not a fan of high waists, choose a moderate waist skirt or pants (not low waist). With skirts and high-waisted pants, always wear prominent t-shirts or shirts (never over them because that way you get a counter-effect).
3. A wider belt decorated with details and placed about 7.5 cm below the chest will visually create a waist and naturally highlight the bust.
4. Women with an hourglass-like body should choose A-line dresses squeezed at the waist and widened at the bottom. Such dresses can have deeper expressions or be adorned with ruffles. They should be cut or strapped to the waist.
5. A-line skirts are a great choice for women. Choose the length yourself, although it is best for them to be up to the knees. Avoid materials that cling to the body, skirts with pleats or puff effects.
6. Women who have stronger hips should choose heart-shaped dresses in the chest area while the lower part of the dress expands.
7. If you have a wider body with a wider circumference – use it as an advantage. Choose clothing items that will distract from the shoulders and focus on the lower part of the body.

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