Exercise boosts human motivation

2020-05-18 07.55.23
Music – Listen to music you love and enjoy. Don’t listen to music that other people recommend for this or that activity. Listening to your favorite music creates a pleasant feeling. In time, it will become part of your routine.
The company-person you normally spend time with (brother, sister, child, neighbor, parents, husband, and others) can make any exercise more enjoyable. If you don’t like walking or running alone, invite someone to keep you company. This will turn physical activity into socializing with much better effects.
Ambience — it’s boring to always walk the same path if you’re an active walker. Or run an empty racetrack. Periodically change the route for walking and running. Go to other interesting places where there are more people. Make walking (or jogging) an opportunity to socialize with other people or tour the beautiful parts of your life.
Research results say that visible results are always the strongest motivation for people to do or do anything. Be persistent as long as necessary until the first results appear. Don’t expect miracles. Follow how your body changes and develops. You will be even more satisfied when you see useful exercise results.


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