How to choose the best school bag for a child

cover page:
Experts allude to parents (guardians) to take into account the weight and quality of the bag when buying a school bag (backpack). Every year, more and more children experience back and spine injuries caused by school bags.
1. You should choose a light backpack that does not contribute too much to the existing load that the child should carry on his back (shoulder). The bag should have two wide and set straps. The bag should have a set back that will provide comfort. The back also prevents the child from being stabbed with the sharp edges of pencils, crayons, rulers and other items to be worn.
2. Select the appropriate backpack size. The backpack should not cover more than three-quarters of the length of the child’s back.
3. Carefully choose the things that the child will put in the bag. The maximum weight of a loaded backpack should not exceed 15% of the child’s body weight. Place the heaviest book next to your back because heavy books require the most body attention. The backpack is too heavy if the child needs to lean forward to carry the backpack on their back.
4. Give advice to the child on how to carry the backpack properly. The backpack should be worn with both straps. Carrying backpacks on only one shoulder causes excessive strain on only one side of the upper body.
5. Both straps should be tight enough but should not tighten the child. If the backpack has a strap around the abdomen, the child should use it to carry the load more easily.

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