Light Dresses Vs. fluttering skirts, ruffles and tiaras

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The return of the nineties means dresses that look like negligees, bare shoulders, a multitude of ruffles, backpacks, tiaras, chains, various graphic patterns and vivid colors. The dress should slide easily and resemble underwear. The dress is more current today than before. The dress is thinner than ever. The Fashion firm Celine offers dresses trimmed with lace. Iyes Saint Laurent offers satin or sheer chiffon dresses. Dresses are part of a layered combination when worn over fine knit at the fashion company Pucci. Let your summer wardrobe be with vivid colors. Steering wheels and stripes are key details in seasonal fashion trends. The steering wheel should be large enough and scattered in various directions. High gloss materials are always popular during sunny days. Miu Miu and Yves Saint Laurent offer their combinations of garments enriched with glittering crowns (tiaras). It is predicted that a tiara or a glittering crown will be the main fashion accessory in the coming seasons. Unpaired, different and long earrings go well with these fashion combinations.
Skirts are returning to fashion trends
Women used to often wear skirts of various cuts and designs. Today, statistics say that every third woman stops using a skirt in the wardrobe. A large number of women welcomed the topicality of wearing pants with enthusiasm. Still, the skirt gives every woman a halo of femininity by seeking in return the only art of wearing. The famous Marilyn Monroe adored skirts and dresses. So Marilyn created a mythical image of a female figure around whose hips the wind flutters playing with the edges of her skirt.
Dress A cut
Fashion implies constant change. That’s why trends come and go. Still, there are evergreen moments in the fashion industry. These trends will always be current. One such is an A-line dress. The A-line dress is a favorite item of clothing for women all over the world. It is a timeless fashion item. This dress is ideal for women with strong hips. Her cut is characterized by a narrower top and a wider lower part of the dress. 1955 Christian Dior first uses the term “A-line dress”. Then Dior gave this name to his then collection. Clothing of this cut was popular in the sixties and seventies of the last century. Retro cuts and patterns are a fashion hit today. A-line dresses with bugs collar, pleated skirts, ruffles on the sleeves, “pepito”(plaid) pattern and dots. Combine all that with your favorite dress this season. Knee-length midi dresses and long dresses are popular. Midi length requires a harmonious build, high heel and nice posture. It is not easy to carry this fashion trend. Every woman should find the ideal length of the dress in accordance with her build and constitution, whether it is a formal or everyday occasion.
Basic rules for a flawless look
These tips make your look flawless no matter what fashion style, colors and trends you prefer. Give preference to simple solutions.
1. Black pants, a white combination and a bright scarf are the ideal look. Remember: if the fashion item has large and eye-catching sleeves, keep the hairstyle simple.
2. If the dress is short, wear thick socks with it.
3. If you have striking clothes, keep your shoes flat and simple. Let only one “zone” be emphasized.
4. If you like jeans and denim skirts — give preference to dark models with a raised waist. You can pair these models with a classic black tight jacket. That combination is always modern.
5. If you like to wear scarves and shawls — combine them with a tone of lipstick. This will make the exterior more expressive.
6. The V neckline is the happiest choice. The V neckline fits absolutely all people. The V neckline creates the illusion of a longer torso while the heels create the impression of elongated legs.
7. Introduce the V neckline in everyday fashion items (T-shirts, blouses, shirts)
8. If you are wearing a striking dress then let the hairstyle be simple so as not to distract from the dress.

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