Sneakers are always “chic” and fit any outfit

A good part of sneakers will look good with a dress or jeans. Sneakers are comfortable shoes. It will prove to be the best choice for most daily activities. However, there are certain rules that should be followed by every person who wants to make the most of all the benefits of comfortable sneakers.
1. Sneakers in the main part of the outfit- some models of sneakers are simply created to stand out. Without any fear, accentuate these models with a personal outfit.
2. Clean sneakers – when worn daily, sneakers get dirty quickly from dust and external influences. Make sure to keep them neat and clean by wiping with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Some models can be washed in the washing machine at the lowest temperature (30 °) without fear of damage.
3. A special trendy and classic combination are sneakers with unique and beautiful socks.
4. Sneakers are worn by almost all people regardless of age. Well-known sports brands pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic characteristics of each pair of sneakers. The comfort and “chic” look of sneakers is becoming increasingly popular.
5. For example, the Calvin Klein fashion brand has included so-called “slip on” models of sneakers with a flower pattern.
6. Classic plain white sneakers can be found on the shelves of almost every high street brand. Even the famous fashion designer paired his divine fashion creations with sneakers. Enough reason to know that a solid pair of comfortable sneakers can be combined with all clothing items.
7. Classic models get modern versions. Adidas’ legendary Stan Smith sneaker model or Nike sneaker models (Racuette or K-Swiss) are well known.
8. Sneakers can be combined with jeans, long dresses, high-waisted skirts, sequins, velvet because excess material is now not a sin but even a desirable change.
High street fashion or trade
The fashion expression “high street” is well known. It is a slang term for street and simple fashion. Street style is unique and innovative. The basic characteristic of street fashion style is that absolutely all fashion combinations are allowed. There are no rules when combining colors, fabrics or patterns. Although the “high steet” looks like a blindfolded person hugged the first thing she found in the closet or wore shoes that didn’t fit the outfit. Still, high street fashion actually means the opposite — that a person made a hell of an effort to wear special clothing items and choosing special footwear that fits the outfit. The person then carefully chose all the details on themselves. The only condition for the child is that the product of the selected “look” is harmonious and slightly inconsistent to the eye.
The High Street fashion trend suffers from torn clothes, vintage, baggy clothes, oversized and modern clothes. The characteristic of layered clothing leaves people with a large choice of combinations — the compatible goes with the incompatible, the street with the modern, the harmonious with the incompatible, and the expensive with the cheap. An individual who follows the style of High street fashion is a special individual. Such an individual knows what he feels good about, which gives a special stamp to each styling. Colors and graphic motifs rule. Playful patterns look totally “cool”.

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