The death or loss of a loved one affects the heart

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Losing a loved one, or special person in one’s life is without a doubt extremely painful. If you have ever lost a special person in your life you know very well that this type of pain is not just emotional. Namely, many people describe that this pain is accompanied by severe chest tightness and sudden loss of air. Some people describe and compare this pain (caused by the loss of a loved one) to a heart attack. The medical profession describes emotional pain with real and physical pain.
A broken heart caused by any reason is a real medical syndrome. It is called “cardiomyopathy or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy” caused by stress or a very stressful situation. Cardiomyopathy is a weakening of the left ventricle in charge of pumping blood. It can be caused by stress due to the death of an important, dear or loved one, or a major disaster. The syndrome was first described in Japan. It’s called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The shape of the left inflated chamber reminded scientists of a Japanese octopus trap (in Japanese Takotsubo).
What does “broken heart” syndrome mean?
A broken heart is not such a serious problem although it has symptoms similar to a heart attack (heart attack). A heart attack causes a blockage in the coronary artery. Cardiomyopathy has no cardiovascular causes, but the pain causes pressure on the left ventricle of the heart. The same cardiac biomarkers or proteins may appear as in a heart attack.
Broken heart syndrome is most common in menopausal women. Scientists speculate that it could be linked to estrogen deficiency. Most Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is diagnosed after the death of a loved one or a disaster (earthquake or tsunami). Two cases were reported due to stress caused by work and study (again in women – one woman lost a USB with an important business presentation, the other woman was studying for entrance exams).
How to relieve cardiomyopathy?
When we are emotionally severely hurt and feel emotional pain (or cardiomyopathy) there are two ways to deal with the situation. One is over time to build a wall in the heart and stop feeling it. If you choose the first way (and close your heart), self-deception and bitterness will be your companions.
Another way is to create tools based on what happened. Then we can choose one of the ways and take responsibility for the decision. The second way requires courage and a lot of faith in personal healing. The key word here is “decision.” Based on our decision, we continue to live.
Conclusion: Overcoming loss and overcoming emotional and deep pain and moving on is one of the most difficult life events. It will hurt like hell. Allow yourself to be sad. Allow yourself to be angry. You need to wake up every day and continue your life without that person or with deep emotional stress. Therefore, it is necessary to continue life in the right way. End the story with that pain / person. If the pain is caused by a living person, try to find a way and say that person clearly and loudly — everything you wanted to tell her, how much you loved her, and how much her presence in your life meant to you. Don’t regret it but finish the story to the end. Say goodbye forever. If a person lets you go and doesn’t fight for you, then that person isn’t even worth your sacrifice. Let time heal the wounds and take care of your heart. You will surely wake up one day and you will no longer miss that person (that loss or pain).
There are healing words and wisdom to remember:
Once a saint was walking in nature. As he passed a small village, a weeping woman approached him. The woman begged him to come and help the sick child. The saint went to the village. A crowd of people gathered around him because such a person was a rare sight. They brought him a sick child. The saint said a prayer above him.
“Do you really think your prayer will help him when even medical care has failed?” Exclaimed the man from the assembled crowd.
“What do you know about these things !? You are an ordinary fool! ” The saint replied to the man.
The man became terribly angry and his face flushed and he began to boil.
He just wanted to say something and run and attack the saint. Then another man approached him and said, “If one word has so much power to make you so angry and red, why wouldn’t another word have the power to heal?”
So that day the saint healed two people.


    • Dear Melanie,
      I am so sorry for your loss. Rest your mother in peace and with angels. I thank you very much and your father for all he did for the whole world. This is a great work. I appreciate it. Wishing you all the best. Amela.


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