White shirt vs. white blouse

cover page: http://www.mockuphunt.co
It is known that the white shirt has long ceased to be associated with the image of business women and clothing combinations suitable for the office, business meetings and the like. A white shirt, like a “little black dress”, has become a fashion classic that every person has in their wardrobe. A quality white shirt once purchased can last for years. Mostly because of its ability to transform and easily combine with the rest of the wardrobe. The white shirt will go well with the color of the powder and all the beige shades. The white shirt is suitable for all social and business occasions.
Casual collections of world-renowned designer brands (Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger) are unthinkable without white shirts. White shirts are wearable in all day and night variants. The classic model of a white shirt with cuffs will complete the fashion combination. With this model, a cool green vest will fit perfectly on cool evenings. Casual combinations are suitable for light walks, going to meetings or offices with jeans street fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger.
Classic blouse models are always modern. Don’t combine them too much with suits but with jeans or some feminine skirts. Blouses give a playful but frivolous fashion style. Feminine blouses can be found in chiffon, silk, cotton, tulle with a collar, rhinestones, bow or V-neck. White blouses bring freshness, elegance and femininity.



The return of the seventies brought back feminine models of white blouses made of the finest silk, viscose or muslin. The white blouse did not give way to short top garments or jeans shirts. White blouses are, after all, the perfect way to channel the Boho romance that has always been the main cloak of the cheerful and inspiring seventies of the last century.

Any white blouse can refresh jeans in the most perfect way, regardless of the model and material from which it is made. It makes it classy and elegant at the same time. Idea for the look: simple chic jeans (bell ringers) and a fluttering white chiffon blouse. Minimalism and femininity result in a good clothing combination. A large number of fashion designers are becoming aware of this and occasionally play with a white blouse in their fashion collections.


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