Beauty mistakes can impair health

There are many beauty mistakes that sabotage our appearance and that we are aware of.
Ignore any morning exercise — don’t skip morning exercise. Any type of exercise provides energy for the whole day. It improves the immune system that fights viruses and diseases. The morning ritual helps to wake up easier.
Excessive skin cleansing-can lead to irritation and other skin diseases. It stimulates the production of fat which makes oily skin even more oily. Avoid this beauty mistake to allow your skin to produce natural oils. These oils help our skin to regenerate and protect it from dehydration and irritation.
Self-medication is dangerous and can cause a number of problems. Any medical product (and vitamins) should be prescribed under the supervision of a physician or after a medical consultation. Many people think that vitamins are never enough for the body. You need to know which vitamins a person lacks and which supplements to consume. Consultation with a physician is recommended.
Ignoring allergies – if a person has an allergic reaction to a product, they should choose products according to their skin and needs. Some ingredients can cause allergies. You should stop using cosmetic products with ingredients that you are allergic to and find an alternative. The shelf life of the product is important. Using expired products can be dangerous.
Borrowing cosmetics to other people – make cosmetics and manicure and pedicure accessories only yours. It’s a simple rule. Do not share the products you use with other people but rather give them away. If you want healthy skin, keep cosmetic brushes and spatulas clean and tidy on a regular basis. Wash them weekly. Allow to air dry.
Bad habits — smoking and overdoing it with alcoholic beverages cause premature skin aging. Sleeping on one side of the face can cause deeper wrinkles on that side. Use silk pillows to get rid of this habit.

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