Healthy summer drinks with a lot of vitamins and strong antioxidant activity

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Some drinks are delicious, great for health and prevent many diseases. They contain many vitamins and have strong antioxidant activity.
Cocoa drink – a great drink for the skin because it provides better hydration. It should be drunk in moderation (maximum 2 decilitre per day). Finished and purchased cocoa beverage is not nearly as healthy as homemade cocoa beverage. Make your own homemade beverage with skim milk, cocoa powder and no sugar.
Pomegranate drink is a fruit rich in polyphenols and has a strong antioxidant effect. Improves blood circulation. One glass of pomegranate juice a day is enough.
Milk-regular consumption of skim milk reduces the risk of hypertension, ie high blood pressure. Two glasses of milk a day are enough for one person.
Kefir – solves digestive problems. Supports bowel function. A good drink for circulation.reduces cholesterol levels.half a liter is the recommended daily dose.
Light beer is great for the summer months. Silicon helps in the regeneration of bones and connective tissue. Non-alcoholic beer is recommended during hot summer days.
Cranberry drink has a beneficial effect on various inflammatory processes and urinary tract infections (including Echerihia Colli). A small glass of cranberry juice with as little sugar as possible is the recommended daily dose.
The drink with tomato-tomato juice is full of lycopene, which plays an important role in boosting immunity. Lycopene also reduces the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin. It is advisable to drink tomato juice regularly.
Orange drink – after saturated meals, orange juice prevents the formation of free radicals that can damage the glands and in the worst case lead to a heart attack. Shopping orange juices do not contain enough fruit, so it is best to make homemade squeezed orange juice.
Water-helps with kidney and urinary tract problems. It helps with problems with acidosis, strengthens the heart, circulatory system, and brain function. We should drink 1.5 liters of water a day (one glass of water every hour).
Green tea contains polyphenols that slow down the growth of tumors and the spread of caries. The best type of green tea is Japanese green tea. In the summer months, Japanese green tea should be drunk chilled. 3 to 6 cups of tea is the recommended daily dose.

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