The bracelets are elegant, modern and seductive

cover page:
With the arrival of summer and warm days, popular bracelets with pompous details – colorful pompoms – are in vogue again. Bracelets are associated with nature, summer, sea and sun. They attract attention with their colorfulness. Every woman can easily find a model for herself. Each bracelet is knitted by hand and designed to the last detail. This makes it a unique piece of jewelry. Knitted bracelets are decorated with details (beads, rivets, crystals, pompoms and other applications). That makes them so irresistible. The Boohoo trend that is imposed on many fans of this fashion trend is due to the pompoms on the bracelets.

Each braided bracelet sends a personal and fashion message (love, happiness, freedom, infinity, etc.). Cheerful colors and positive thoughts are woven into each braided bracelet. They are made with the macrame technique. Special lines have been designed for women, men and children. You can make these bracelets yourself with the macrame technique or find them in all the better-stocked outlets.

Bylgari jewelry always offers desirable and unique bracelets, necklaces or rings. A fashion line called Bylgari Serpenti offers tempting and unusual bracelets, rings and necklaces. The Eyes on Me collection was created so that each item attracts the attention of summer, sun rays and light. This further emphasizes the beauty of this fashion jewelry collection. Since ancient times, the snake has been a mythical creature associated with strength, the circle of life and sensuality. Bylgari fashion brand has been paying homage to her for many years and creating homage using the snake as a symbol of heritage and innovation.

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