Keep your feet smooth and without cuts

The simplest and cheapest way to get smooth legs for many women is to shave their legs. However, many cosmetic experts warn that shaving your feet is the worst way we can afford to our feet. The only disadvantage of shaving is that the result is short. The procedure sometimes causes irritation.
There are a few tips on how to get the maximum effect and have smooth legs without cuts:
1. Do not shave your legs in the morning – after sleeping the skin is swollen. In the morning you will not be able to shave the hair near the roots. Shave your legs in the afternoon or evening.
2. Do a foot scrub — before shaving, do a light peel to remove the dead layer of skin.
3. Shave while showering or after showering. When the skin tingles the hairs rise. Then you can very easily make cuts and irritate the skin.
4. Use a foundation-foam, gel, hair balm or soap can be good shaving pads. Such products allow the razor to glide smoothly and reduce the risk of irritation.
5. Shave your legs slowly and patiently – do the shaving slowly, patiently and gently without pressing the razor on the skin.
6. Do not cross the same place on the leg twice with a razor – the razor should be sharp to remove all hairs in one stroke.
7. Wash with warm then cold water — warm water will remove the substrate (shaving foam or gel). Cold water will refresh the skin and nourish the pores on the skin.
8. Allow the skin to dry naturally — it is best for the skin to dry naturally after shaving your feet. Avoid rubbing with a towel rather than patting the skin lightly with a towel.
9. Change razors regularly – an insufficiently sharp razor can irritate the skin and cause red spots on the skin.

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