3 healthy living habits for all people of all generations

2020-06-08 11.39.30
It is known that in recent years we often come across and read many tips on how to be healthier. Riding a bike, using stairs instead of an elevator, walking instead of a car and the like. 30 minutes of daily activity is enough to achieve and notice a number of positive health effects.
Sleep (rest): An important factor necessarily related to movement is related to the cycle of wakefulness and sleep. The cycles of wakefulness and sleep are regulated by hormones, diet, stress and the environment in which we live. After numerous studies, it has been determined that the ideal time to sleep is between 10pm and 6am.
Breathing: The third recommendation vital to the body in balance is-Breathing. We expel only 70% of toxins from the body by breathing. Other toxins caused by stress and crooked (increasingly shallow) breathing remain in our body. It is important to hold upright and be aware to take a deep breath and exhale. Do this several times a day. Try to keep your breath as deep as possible and be aware of the movement of your lungs.
Positive Thoughts: The amount of thought in today’s lifestyle is twice as great as it used to be. The main cause of illness and obesity are negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are interpreted by the human brain as a threat. As a result, it produces more insulin and cortisol, which blocks digestion and stores food in fat. It is not easy to change the flow of thought. Focus on all the thoughts that make you happy and happy. If you live the way you want the amount of negative thoughts decreases. The general satisfaction of the person increases.

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