A healthy family and family (guardianship) environment is a condition for healthy children

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The health of children depends on the environment in which they live and grow. Children naturally develop the same health habits as their parents / guardians. Children should be taught by example to grow up healthy and happy.
1. Children need to be shown that a “sedentary lifestyle” is not good. Spend less time in front of the TV, get active and reduce the intake of unhealthy food.
2. Despite the hectic schedule and pace of life, find time for shared meals with the children.
3. Children copy adults. Exercise with children or do any physical exercises especially if you turn physical exercise into a fun activity.
4. Adults and children sometimes spend too much time in front of the TV. Limit time for computer, TV and other gadgets. This leads to weight gain and other problems related to the “sedentary lifestyle”.
5. In addition to shared meals, another way to spend quality time with children is to involve children in meal preparation. Have children go shopping with adults. Along the way, children can be explained why certain foods are bought and certain are not bought. Follow with children the preparation of meals until serving.
6. Don’t reward children with food. While it’s easy for something kids make or do to buy ice cream or candy — it’s not the best solution. Find another way to motivate. Take the children to their favorite picnic area, to the cinema or theater, their favorite sports field. Allow children to have their friends sleep over with you.
7. Fast food cannot always be avoided because it is an integral part of the lives of all people in the world. However, when there is plenty of time, you should opt for a healthy option.
8. Keep fruit on the table instead of candy — strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, raisins, etc. There are many options. The child will surely like some substitute option instead of sweets. Find healthy versions of fruits or sweets that your child loves.
9. Teach children about meal portions- since restaurants are places that offer greater options any child might get the impression that — more is actually better. Explain portion sizes to your child and teach your child how to use cutlery properly.
10. Children have weight problems — the worst thing is to accuse the child of being voracious or similar. Instead of accusations, order an appointment with a nutritionist or see numerous online tips (tutorials) on proper and healthy eating.

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