Šibenik is a city of stone houses and streets, clear sea and numerous islands

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The city of Šibenik with its islands and surroundings is one of the most beautiful destinations in central Dalmatia in the Republic of Croatia. Šibenik is located in the Šibenik Bay, which is influenced by the beautiful river Krka. It is a city that includes more than 200 islands and small islands. The city is proud of its long history.
Šibenik has one of the most developed archipelagos in front of which are numerous islands, stone coves and clear blue sea. The Sibenik Riviera is one of the richest tourist areas in the Adriatic Sea. The city of Šibenik is a cultural and administrative center, while the cities of Primosten and Vodice are the most famous tourist destinations with world-famous nightclubs and two pearls of nature – Krka National Park and Kornati National Park. These locations are only a part of the Šibenik area. The area is also adorned with beautifully landscaped sandy, pebble and concrete beaches. Sports and recreational offer includes numerous sports fields (beach volleyball) and opportunities for diving, sailing, water skiing and windsurfing. For all brave people who are looking for adventure and a higher dose of adrenaline, there is bungee jumping from the Šibenik bridge.
In Šibenik, accommodation is available in hotels of all categories, villas, apartments and campsites. The largest wellness center in Dalmatia is located in Sibenik. Within one day of excursions, visitors can visit a handful of attractive locations: Krka National Park, Kornati National Park, Paklenica National Park, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Vrana Lake Nature Park and the island of Zlarin. There is an attractive location ethno village Dalmatians who introduce tourists to the customs, traditions and way of life of this landscape.
Šibenik aquatorium is a nautical paradise that boasts as many as 240 islands and cliffs. In this beauty of white karst stone and the blue of the clear sea, you will experience a completely unique event. Every part of this region hides something interesting (especially the Kornati). Playwright and writer George Bernard Shaw described the beauty of this area: “The gods wanted to crown their work, so on the last day they created the Kornati islands from the tears of the stars and the breath of the sea.” Zlarin Island is famous for its corals. Krapanj is famous for sea sponge hunters. If you want to discover something unique, sail out to sea and visit the Kornati.
It is a truly unique creation of nature and the most numerous Mediterranean series of islands. It should be noted that these divine stellar tears
petrified in the sea that Shaw wrote about has as many days in the year (365). One island for one day a year. Out of 365 islands, 150 of them form one special unit – the Kornati National Park. A lacy network of vertical rocks whitewashed with noble Adriatic salt and whipped by a fragrant bora is dizzyingly immersed in the blue sea. No doubt it is a scene of epic proportions. If you take the fairytale paths of the miraculous karst kingdom of the river Krka to the sea, you are well on your way to opening the doors of the most protected natural port of the Adriatic Sea – the city of Šibenik. Šibenik is the city of King Kresimir. This green road is an area inhabited by more than 222 species of birds. It is the only falconry center in Croatia. The river Krka overflows its beautiful waters over seven waterfalls.
Right between the most beautiful waterfalls (Roški Slap and Skradinski Buk), human hands crowned nature with two far-famed buildings: the Orthodox Monastery of St. Archangelo and the Visovac Monastery. Šibenik is called the city of King Kresimir because it was first mentioned in 1066 in the documents of the Croatian king Petar Kresimir IV. Šibenik was founded by Croats more than a millennium ago. During the summer, the only world International Children’s Festival (under the auspices of UNICEF and UNESCO), the Evenings of Dalmatian Chanson Festival and the picturesque Šibenik Medieval Fair have been taking place in Šibenik since the summer of 1960. Šibenik is exalted from its forts and towers. This city is the birthplace of the inventor of the parachute Fausto Vrančić. It is known for its medieval and largest and most valuable monument – the Gothic Renaissance Cathedral of St. James (15th and 16th centuries). The dome of the white stone cathedral dominates the city like a royal crown. The cathedral was built for more than a century with masterful stone hands from the island of Brač and the island of Korcula. Due to its original prefabricated construction with large stone slabs, it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its bold construction is unique in the history of Europe. You are taken aback by the innovation of the Croatian master Juraj Dalamtinac. The 15th century is a century without modern techniques. Above you is a monumental barrel vault and a dome without wood and without tiles. The dome is made of multi-ton stone blocks grooved into stone ribs. Visit the baptistery with its elegant three-leafed Renaissance façade and the famous 88-head wreath set around the outer walls of the cathedral apse. The Cathedral of St. James is a truly special building. It rightly bears the title of the most beautiful church building in Croatia and the most beautiful cathedral in the Dalmatian region.
Interesting facts about the city of Šibenik: in the center of the city there is the famous cathedral three-nave basilica from the XV century. It is made of white stone from the island of Brač according to the ideas and designs of Juraj Dalmatinac. In the immediate vicinity of the cathedral is the Šibenik City Hall, the Rector’s Palace. There are 4 wells next to the cathedral. Wells used to be water storage facilities and today they are a multimedia center. Here curious people can see many interesting facts about the city told through the city’s history.
Gastronomy in Šibenik: try the cuisine of the Šibenik region. The most famous Šibenik mussels are harvested at the place where the beautiful green river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Try the autochthonous Babić wine from the nearby vineyards of Primošten. The vineyards of the Šibenik region are a monument to the hardworking hands of farmers because they were created on sparse land. In the lobby of the United Nations building, a picture of these vineyards conveys the story in a hundred world languages.
Islands in the Šibenik archipelago
The island of Zlarin – the glory of the island was brought by coral divers. Here is a souvenir shop where you can buy the famous corals from Zlarin.
Krapanj-tiny island is also as shallow as a plate. The island is known for sea sponges that divers take out of the sea. You can walk around the island in 20 minutes. Experienced swimmers can swim ashore. The island is accessible from the southwest.
Prvić-a small island with two small villages: Šepurine on the west side of the island and the village of Luka on the southeast side of the island. There is a 15-minute walk between the villages of Luka and Šepurine. The port in Luka is protected from the northeast wind.
Logorun-donkey island. Thanks to the Donkey Protection Foundation, Logorun became the first donkey reserve in the world. Bring a few dried figs (for donkeys) if you decide to tour the island. Donkeys are very tame and very accommodating domestic animals.
Kaprije – on the southwest coast of this island is the village of the same name. The village has a beautiful and sheltered harbor. The beaches of this distant island are warm, sunny and fragrant. All the beauty of the Mediterranean awaits the daily excursions of tourists who are looking for a break from the daily crowds in the bays and bays.


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