The whimsical and enchanting mountain Prenj is part of the Via Dinarica project

cover page:
People who love the mountains, untouched nature and adventure will surely opt for a slightly more demanding mountain tour after easy walks and easy hiking tours. Mount Prenj in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers such a unique experience. Prenj Mountain is a dangerous, enchanting and capricious mountain. Mostly because of the difficult terrain. As part of the Via Dinarica project, as well as the hiking and cycling trails and transversals through the Dinaric Alps, the Prenj mountain is one of the top destinations. You can visit Prenj Mountain by hiking or a combination of mountain biking and hiking. It is best to start from Ruište (near the city of Mostar) while you can choose one of the mountain peaks of the mountain Prenj. For example, Zelena glava is among the more famous peaks of the Prenj mountain. The peak is 2155 meters high. The 16-kilometer route goes in one direction along an impassable hiking trail (in some parts there are sections hundreds of meters long where it is possible to ride a bicycle). Hikers should plan this tour as a two-day one with an overnight stay in the mountain lodge Bijele vode (1450 meters above sea level). You need to be well prepared to visit this impassable and somewhat wild mountain. You should have shoes with a hard sole. Then an adequate jacket even in summer and a sufficient supply of water. Prenj is a rocky mountain where water is rarely found. There is a well excavated during the Austrian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sunscreen is unavoidable because the face burns quickly in the mountain air and wind. You don’t see the traces of the sun until the next day. The final ascent to the mountain top Zelena glava is a narrow path occasionally set with a cable that hikers can attach to make it easier to climb. The climb is not recommended for people suffering from dizziness. Coming to the top is an unforgettable experience for every mountaineer. The surrounding gardens and valleys open up in front of you. In the distance you can see many mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The texture of the appetizers is as unusual as the moon’s crust. The whole experience is accompanied by the scent of herbs typical of this European climate. Such hiking trips should be planned with an experienced guide because the mountain Prenj is a beautiful mountain with many dangers. The biggest dangers in summer are snakes. Venomous snakes do not attack when they are not endangered, so it is enough to bypass them. However, caution is never enough when it comes to snakes. The snake has nowhere to run, so if you see it on the way, bypass it. The bite happens despite the attention. The most dangerous venomous snakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the viper and the hinge. In case of a bite, it is important to know the type of snake. The serum given should be an antidote for a specific type of snake. The most important thing is to seek help from mountain rescue services immediately. It is known that the venom spreads throughout the body through the blood, a person can provide self-help by tying (with a belt, rope, etc.) the place above the place of the snake bite. This reduces blood flow. A small incision should be made at the site of the bite with a knife, which should preferably be disinfected with a lighter (or match). A little blood should be allowed to flow and poison with it. It is desirable to have a syringe with an injection by which principle of vacuum you can suck a part of the blood. This will reduce the amount of toxins in the body.

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