Boots are elegant, practical and irreplaceable footwear for the whole year

People made the first shoes from natural materials. This is one of the main reasons why it has not been revealed until today when people started wearing shoes at all. Namely, the scientists compared the fossil remains and discovered that the bones of the little toes on the human foot were significantly reduced in the period from 40-26,000 BC. This data indicates the probability that people then started walking in shoes. Over time, the foot adapted to new and less challenging circumstances.
Sandals made from the bark of a tree were found in Oregon in the United States. Their age is estimated at about 10,000 years. The oldest leather footwear originates from the archaeologist site of Arena 1 (Armenia). This pair of shoes is estimated to be about 5,500 years old. Thus, we conclude that the development of footwear went in different directions depending on the environment and climatic conditions in the environments. Mediterranean cultures reported making sandals. However, people with snow and ice in their environment needed to work on a warmer and more suitable solution. Initially, boots were an assembly of several parts. Strips of leather, canvas or fur were added to the basic shoe. The straps wrapped the sheets below the knees. About 3,500 years ago, the first examples of one-piece boots were made. This marks the beginning of the story of the origin of boots and the fashion whims that accompany them.
The nomadic peoples of Asia saw the advantage of boots in facing all the temptations that a constant stay on the field and on the road brings. During the invasion of the Mongol tribes on the surrounding peoples (period from the XII to the XV century), the boots conquered the areas of China, India, Russia and reached the European countries. From there, together with their owners (fearless ship captains, sailors and explorers), they went to overseas countries. Riding boots are known to be an integral part of equestrian equipment. They have undergone numerous transformations throughout history. Argentine gauchi have discovered the most efficient way of making riding boots or footwear tailored to man. These South American riders and keepers of large herds of cattle (like North American cowboys) made their boots by putting freshly peeled skin from a cow’s foot on their foot. The skin would take the shape of a rider’s foot during cooling. The owners would then move on to the next stage of processing their boots.
The urban development of craft skills followed the development of art during the Renaissance. More and more high-quality boots came out of the shoe workshops. They took on new forms while satisfying current fashion precepts. The material status of the owner of the boots was reflected in the fineness of the workmanship and the extravagance of the decorations on the boots. Many boots were then adorned with gold buckles and gems for people who could pay for it. People otherwise raised the value of their boots where gold had no value. The first strict definition of boots was given by the Duke of Wales during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France in the 14th and 15th centuries. Paintings by Dutch masters from the 17th century give an overview of the life scenes of the society of that time. Boots played a significant role in clothing. They were more important in men’s than women’s fashion at the time.
Countless variations of boots with 3 basic differences
The shape of the top of the boot, the height of the heel and the height of the sara (the part of the boot that goes up from the ankle) are the parts where it is possible to make changes in a seemingly simple invention or boot. It is amazing how many combinations and variations in terms of boots the human mind is capable of making. which go even to the hips. There are boots with a zipper that serves for easier shoeing. The boots can be with laces or made of one piece, which gives them a nice look and makes them more complicated for entering and exiting the feet.
The materials for making the boots are constantly varying
The basic material for making boots is leather. Other materials used to make the boots are rubber, various types of wool, fur or artificial materials of newer generations. When boots appear that most people like then their popularity becomes a planetary phenomenon.
The boots are in barracks, factories and catwalks
Boots have practical advantages in everyday use. Thus, they could not escape the attention of military experts. They have been an integral part of military uniforms for centuries. Often, military models have had a decisive influence on fashion creations. The famous cowboy boots have gone through an evolutionary path from the footwear of German mercenaries in the American Civil War through the equipment of cattle hounds to a cultural phenomenon that has been recurring cyclically over the last sixty years. Country music and western films have also contributed to this. Numerous work shoes have experienced a similar path. From standard protective equipment for factory work (with a steel cap that protects the fingers and soles resistant to chemicals), some types of boots have become a sign of belonging to sub-cultural movements (Punk). That’s how they found their way on the catwalks. Nancy Sinatra’s musical hit “These boots are made for walking” marked the sixties of the last century. Since then, boots have been a constant focus in fashion.

Boots are becoming dominant in women’s fashion
Men today love boots for a particular sport or activity for example hiking or popular Canadian women. Women, on the other hand, are subject to the harsh dictates of the fashion scene. Today, many fashion trends are recycled, so your once favorite boots can easily come back to the popular fashion scene and become current. Modern are short or long boots, so-called combat boots (thicker sole and bumpy look with a handful of details). These boots go perfectly with a sporty look. But they fit perfectly with elegant combinations. So-called cowgirls or boots that reach above the knee are always popular.
Tip plus:
Boots with character-motorcycle boots with belts and rivets are a favorite fashion trend of street style people combined with romantic dresses and raincoats.
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