An assortment of shoe brands from all over the world

The range of these shoe brands consists of footwear for women, men and children. Also these shoe brands offer a number of accessories, belts, bags, gel foot pads, and shoe insoles.
1. Kopitarna Sevnica since 1886(Made in Slovenia)-
Handmade, Home Collection and C’logs
EMAIL: STORE@KOPITARNA.COM TEL.: +386 (0)7 81 63 400
2. Ara shoes (Made in Germany)
We develop shoes that are modern yet timeless. As part of a whole, a look – suitable for clothing and accessories.
Their motto is “We love Fashion& Function”.
ara Shoes AG
Zur Schlenkhecke 4
40764 Langenfeld, Germany
Tel: (+49) 2173 105 0
Fax: (+49) 2173 105 108
3. Rieker Shoes (Made in Germany)
We offer over 2600 women’s shoe models from Rieker’s spring/summer and autumn/winter collections with free shipping.
Powered by Schuhhaus Hasler
4. Tamaris shoes (Made in Germany)
Women’s shoes, bags and jewellery from Tamaris. ✓ Wide selection ✓ Size recommendation ✓ Free returns → Find out more in the official Tamaris shop.
Shoes: Buy your Tamaris Shoes in the official Tamaris online shop Tamaris.

Our customer care service is available Monday to Friday from 09h to 20h.
5. Zen shoes (Made in Italy)
Customer care: Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 15:00, Sat-Sun: Closed
CONTACT US BY PHONE: 00 44 23 8228 0093
6. Grisport (Made in Italy)
Grisport footwear is Italian to the core. Not only do we manufacture all our products in Italy, we also create and develop all the initial ideas and every design.

Via Erega, 1 31030
Castelcucco (TV), Italy
Tel. 0039 0423 962063
7. Imac shoes (Made in Italy)
Browse our selection of men’s IMAC shoes which range from casual, every day wear to men’s walking sandals for the warmer months.
IMAC large distribution men/ladies/kids
PRIMIGI: Kids retail
IGI & CO: Men/Ladies retail
ENVAL SOFT: Men/Women retail – comfort styles
sold 9.730.000 of shoe pairs and 6.100.000 garment items for a global holding turnover up to 270 million euro.
MAC S.p.A. actually employs 1.500 people (out of 650 in Italy) and can count on 170 satellite companies with 10.500 employees in 8 different nations.
A retail chain with 400 PRIMIGI and IGI & CO STORE shops all over Italy and Europe.
IMAC S.p.A. Group employs 12.000 people in a whole in italy.
Over 40 years, IMAC S.p.a. never applied for unemployment insurance and, since 2007, when the international financial crisis broke through, thanks to the launch of its one-brand stores and outlets throughout the entire national territory, the company has been generating more than 1200 job positions for young people in Italy.
Via Menocchia, 27
63062 Montefiore dell’Aso (AP)
Tel: +39 0734/ 938721
Fax :+39 0734/ 938223
IMAC – Divisione IGI
Via Sandro Pertini, 6
06073 Ellera di Corciano (PG)
Tel: +39 075/ 50281
Fax: +39 075/ 5171795
8. Jana shoes (Made in Germany)
That’s why we create shoes in which every woman can feel completely comfortable, with soft leather, flexible soles, comfortable linings and a perfect fit, all combined in a modern look. Especially important for your new favorite shoe – an attractive price-performance ratio.
Brand new: Many of our models contain linings of at least 50% recycled PET bottles and even insoles and shoe laces can be made from PET material.
We’re sure of one thing! With our collection, you too can find the right shoes to make you feel you’re walking on air!
Jana shoes GmbH & Co. KG
Klingenbergstrasse 1-3
D-32758 Detmold
Tel:+49 (0)5231 / 605 350
Fax:+49 (0)5231 / 605 04

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