A small school of professional make-up

Persistence and a little skill are enough to master the basic moves of make-up. We know that make up can highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages in our appearance. Improperly applied make-up can have the opposite effect. There are tricks we can use to avoid embarrassing makeup situations. These tricks are even used by professional make-up artists in their daily work.
The skin needs to be cared for. The key factor for good skin appearance is hydration with a balanced healthy diet. Skin peeling should be done once a week. In consultation with a pharmacist, choose a selection of moisturizing preparations with nutritional properties.
Less is more. This rule is definitely the basis of any good result. When it comes to makeup, take into account your age and the occasion for which you are wearing makeup. Opt for the primary position. Do not point out eyes and mouth.
Make up for the eyes. Avoid dark eye shadows if you want your eyes to look bigger. You will achieve a natural definition by applying a black pencil on the inner part of the upper eyelid (under the lashes). You will achieve additional definition with a light bronzer applied to the crease of the upper eyelid. People with light eyes can achieve additional expressiveness by applying a purple eye liner instead of a black or brown eye liner.
Lips. Light shades give a full look to the lips. Dark shades make the lips thinner. The lip gloss applied to the middle of the lips gives extra fullness to the lips. The natural contours of the lips are achieved with the help of powder. Using a white pencil, redefine the natural lip line according to your wishes. Then draw that line with a pencil in the color of the selected lipstick. Apply the lipstick evenly. Then apply a lighter shade of foundation powder around the new lip line with a brush.
Powder and blush. Powder in stone can make a thick layer on the cheeks … that’s why professional make-up artists use loose powder. The shade of the blush for the face should correspond to the color that the facial skin gets after a slight pinch. Cream-shaped blush is recommended for dry facial skin.

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