Plants that nourish and strengthen hair

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Hair sometimes needs shortening of damaged ends and additional care. Hair should not be washed with excessively hot water. After washing, the hair should (instead of blow-dried) just wrapped in a hot towel (without rubbing) and left to dry naturally. Comb your hair well with a hairbrush every time before washing. Combing wet hair leads to its ruffling / damage. Oily hair falls out faster. Regular hair washing is mandatory.
Beneficial vegetable oils for well-groomed hair
Coconut oil is a proven hair care product in India. It has been used for centuries. It contains lauric acid, penetrates deep into the hair. Regenerates hair, revitalizes and protects hair from damage. In India, it is used in combination with oil, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The combination of these oils is a good remedy for itching, dandruff, and dry scalp skin.
Argan oil – affects the secretion of sebaceous glands. Regulates the appearance of dandruff. Rub argan oil into the root twice a week.
Castor oil – contains omega fatty acids and vitamin E. This oil easily penetrates the hair and deeply hydrates it. It has a beneficial effect on the scalp. Rub the oil on the root and let it dry overnight. In the morning, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Treatment with this oil reduces hair loss.
Burdock oil – rich in vitamins B, E and C, iron, calcium and fatty acids. Nourishes damaged hair and encourages faster hair growth.
Lavender essential oil-soothes itching and helps eliminate dandruff. Rub on the scalp before bed. You will wake up rested and fresh. The hair will be shinier. You will reduce the level of stress that your hair is exposed to on a daily basis.
Almond oil – contains natural proteins that have an extremely beneficial effect on hair and scalp. After a few treatments you will notice that your hair is shinier, stronger and more elastic.
Olive oil – a traditional ingredient in homemade masks for cracked hair. Rich in vitamins A and E. Contributes to the hydration of hair and scalp. Contributes to the better condition of hair follicles.
Nettle is a multi-useful plant. It is used for external hair care. Its effect is enhanced by drinking tea from nettle leaves and roots. The silicon that nettle contains has a role in the structure of the skin and nails. Silicon deficiency leads to hair breakage. Nettle helps better circulation of the scalp and better nutrition of the hair.
Proven recipes for hair care – in pharmacies there are many hair care products based on natural ingredients. You can use these ingredients as homemade hair masks. Talk to your pharmacist and doctor about which natural ingredient is best for your hair and how to apply the ingredient to your hair.


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