Crossfit is the most intense and potentially dangerous type of training

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American athletes Graig Glassman (who practiced gymnastics professionally) and Loreen Yenay started their own business in the mid-1990s aimed at developing a specific type of exercise. Crossfit Inc. has existed since 2000. It is authorized to license gyms around the world. During the two decades of its existence, crossfit has gained numerous fans. He encountered some controversy in professional circles. Despite that, some countries (Canada) have included crossfit in the training program for firefighters and special military units.
Crossfit has gained tremendous popularity around the planet in recent years. It is estimated that more than 16,000 gyms have an original license while the number of those who exercise outside the institutions is only speculated.
Crossfit offers a system of exercises that can be divided into simple and complex exercises. Simple exercises are basic physical exercises designed for people who are not overly physically fit. Complex exercises are designed to strain experienced athletes to the maximum of their capabilities. Crossfit improves an individual’s general physical fitness. It develops endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination of movements, mental focus and willpower. Very intense training is a combination of athletic disciplines, classical gymnastics and weightlifting. People dedicated to crossfit train twice a day. The number of Sunday workouts can reach twelve or more. Total exercises last up to 15 minutes. They are performed with maximum intensity at each training. The rest period between exercises is reduced to a minimum. He tries not to rest at all. The level of load changes at every training. This presents an additional challenge for the organism. Daily training is focused on a specific muscle group or on improving certain fitness parameters (speed, endurance or strength).
It is common to see a crossfit exerciser running, doing push-ups, squats or push-ups outside of regular training sessions. The motive for additional exercise is the satisfaction that success brings. The trainees exchange experiences and advice with each other. Thanks to the Internet, the Crossfit community is connected by links that reach all over the world and all continents. Every day, new suggestions appear on how to improve the exercise system, improve exercise equipment and give useful advice on how to eat.
Crossfit brings many benefits. Strengthening the will and rapid progress of all physical abilities, losing weight and achieving a perfectly sculpted body. This sport can be practiced by people over the age of 50 in accordance with their health abilities.
Crossfit has its downsides, which are reflected in the fact that some experts believe that crossfit harms the cardiovascular system, especially in unprepared exercisers. Another danger of crossfit is injuries. They occur most often as a result of neglecting the technique of performing certain movements correctly. When an exerciser overestimates his abilities, injuries also occur. So he actually eliminates himself in the long run from training. Before starting to practice this demanding sport, consult a doctor.

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