New doors open after Covid-19

2020-06-09 13.34.28
The thought that often comes to us today is that we would like things and events in life to be simpler for all the people of the world. We do not reject new life experiences, nor new people and emotions into our lives. We don’t even rule out mistakes. Everything that happens around us touches us. Yet over the years we realize that often this amount of information does not give us a chance to breathe and feel everything that is happening around us. We do not get to feel the fullness of the new. Late spring and early summer bring freshness and joy. Only sometimes do they remember melancholy. The differences that make us human (even though we are sometimes unaware of it) bring balance to life.
We are withdrawn today more than ever before into our homes and thoughts. This time, which some people call “leisure”, can help us get rid of the unnecessary, stagnant and what pulls us all back together. New doors and new life cycles are opening before us, amazing and as yet undiscovered. A new life opens before us and new possibilities to write life anew. How best to do this with the pile of “luggage” we have accumulated over time? Give yourself time to think about everything you no longer need physically and emotionally. Make room for the new path that awaits us when the door finally opens. Absorb new, experience and leave only what you really need in life. It is not easy to separate from friendships, experiences, acquaintances and roles that we maintain only by inertia. It is also not easy to separate ourselves from the things we keep, accumulate and let occupy us with quantity and reality that is not real. So it is with most people. Today we long for a simple life that will leave us space and time for real enjoyment in what surrounds us. When we clean up everything around us that bothers and oppresses us, we have the door to a new life, some new beginnings and inexperienced experiences.

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