11 great tips for proper makeup for all generations

05.08.2017 1090
Makeup serves to cover up imperfections and highlight beauty. It has always been in the function of good looks. A certain dose of skill and adherence to the basic rules is needed to achieve the full effect. One of the rules is well-groomed and clean skin of the neck, face and décolleté. Untreated skin is not healthy and causes a negative effect.
1. Skin care: cleaning the face, neck and décolleté before going to bed is mandatory. Hydration of the skin, use of day and night peeling creams (once a week). When you have the opportunity, let your face “rest” from the make-up. Make-up is always applied to a clean face. Makeup accessories, brushes and sponges should be spotlessly clean.
2. Day period: the face looks different in daylight. During the day, do not apply “heavy” makeup intended for evening outings. It will look unnatural.
3. Light: apply makeup in good light, which is closest to daylight. Use a mirror, even a so-called magnifying mirror.
4. Less is more: don’t overdo it with applying layers of makeup and frequent repairs. Excess face powder, excess lipstick or larger coats of mascara do not look good.
5. Product quality: use a tester before buying makeup products. For example on the inside of the wrist. Read the product declaration. Don’t buy makeup that has expired.
6. Choosing makeup products: choose the powder color that most closely resembles the color of the face. When applying the powder, do not forget about the ear shells, neck and décolleté. Take the advice of retailers and professional makeup artists when choosing the best face color.
7. Order of make-up: first apply foundation (powder) on a clean face. Then apply a concealer that you dab with your little finger / it will look more natural. Apply the powder by tapping with a brush. Blush is best applied to the face in circular motions.
8. Concealing facial imperfections: If you want to conceal pimples or acne on the face, do it with the shade of concealer that best suits the complexion. Patiently cover the acne one by one. Finally, apply a little mineral powder on the whole face.
9. Oily skin: if oil breaks out on your face after applying the powder then gently pat your face with oil-absorbing towels. Pearlescent eye shadows and blush do not look best on oily skin. Then matte shades are a better choice.
10. Eyebrows: If you thicken your eyebrows, use a combing brush. Then the look of the eyebrows will be more natural.
11. Lips: For fuller lips, draw a lip line with a pencil. Then apply lipstick. Never do the reverse procedure.

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