Book recommended: Ellena Ferante, Sarah Vaughan and Katryn Hughes

1.„The Letter“ (by Kathryn Hughes)-the author of a novel about love and hope was born in a small town near Manchester (England). She lived in Canada for almost three decades with her husband and two children. Now she has returned to her hometown where she lives with her family. The book has been translated into many world languages. It soon became a bestseller. Emit a message to readers that in moments of the darkest darkness there is always hope for a better tomorrow. The heroine of this novel is Tina Craig who wants to escape from her abusive husband. Tina works every day to save enough money to escape. In her free time, Tina volunteers to spend as little time as possible in her unhappy home. Searching the pockets of an old suit, one day Tina comes across an old letter with a well-sealed but not stamped envelope. The letter was written in 1939 by a man who wanted to correct some of the ugly deeds he had committed. Tina opens and reads the letter. That decision changes her life completely. “The letter tells the story of two women whose births separate them for many decades. Women are destined to cross from the path of life. The downfall of one woman leads another woman to salvation, “say literary critics. One reader of the novel says: that Sunday afternoons were invented so that novels that touch the heart like this could be read.

2.The Story of a New Name (by Elena Ferrante)- The Neapolitan Novels are a 4-part series by the Italian author Elena Ferrante.The book follows the main characters Elena and Lila in their early twenties. Their relationship is equally close and complex. This occasionally leads them to complete distancing. The process in which friends become young women brings new challenges to their friendship. Both young women go through painful stages of growing up and self-awareness. Four sequels to the story of Elena and Lily have been translated into more than 30 languages. They have sold over 6 million copies worldwide. The mystery of the author’s real identity further heightens interest in her novels.
“Elena Ferante’s novels are characterized by the strength and depth of painfully personal confessions, which line up and reveal themselves before the eyes of readers who have no idea how much some of them will shake him.” James Wood The New Yorker
“One of the most meticulous portraits of female friendship in recent history.” Meghan O’Grady The Vogue
3.„Anatomy of a Scandal“ (by Sarah Vaughan)-the novel is a true example of a psychological thriller whose plot takes place in a courtroom. Before this jury, the truth will not bring salvation. This world hit has been translated into more than 22 languages. Even the seventh art could not resist the tense, disturbing and unexpected action. American producers and screenwriters are working diligently on the film treat that should arrive on the movie screens in 2020
James is a minister without portfolio in the British government. James has been the prime minister’s best friend since his student days. But apart from the debauched student days, they share a secret that must not come to light. When power and power make James dizzy, he will engage in a reckless love affair with a co-worker who will accuse him of attempted rape. It will be a scandal that will reach the very heart of British rule. What will the Prime Minister say to that and how will Sophie, his wife, react to her husband’s infidelity? But the final decision is in Kate’s hands. Kate is a prosecutor who, with everyone involved in the scandal, was a generational colleague in college. Kate then had to disappear overnight. The court drama “Anatomy of a Scandal” is a tense story about attempts to evade the law, present the truth and fragile emotional relationships that were thought to last forever.
Author Sarah Vaughan: For many years she worked as a political journalist for the prestigious Guardian magazine. She turned her knowledge, expectations, intrigues and deceptions that she faced into a novel. Sarah Vaughan became a dangerous competition in the world of crime novels when in 2018 she published the book “Anatomy of a Scandal”. The novel won the hearts of readers and critics alike. The novel also quickly achieved great worldwide success. On the many unattainable list of the best-selling Sunday Times titles, this novel holds a high fifth place. Kindle users have read this novel with so much enthusiasm that it has taken first place in the most read titles. In addition to the audience, Vaughan delighted critics with her third novel, with which she won nominations for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, Audible Sounds of Crime Award and GoodReadaward.

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