Chic and modern details that are symbols of eternal elegance

Fashion styles change every year. Still, there are chic details that are forever in trend. These details allow fashion lovers to create a personal style with simple shapes, quality materials that allow different fashion combinations.
Little Black Dress: 1926 launched by Coco Chanel. This fashion detail suits every woman and is eternally fashionable. It is considered a classic model of women’s wardrobe. It should be simple cut and moderate in length. It can be with sleeves or without sleeves. A pearl necklace, scarf or lace gloves go well with a little black dress, depending on the time of day and occasion. It is a great option for business occasions with a blazer. With a silk scarf, it turns into an elegant evening gown. It suits all women. Author Emma Holman Edelman has written a book called The Little Black Dress.
White shirt: fits women and men of all ages. It can be dressed in countless ways. Over pants, under a jacket or jacket, under a fine sweater. It can be decorated with a scarf with an interesting print, buttoned or with a button unbuttoned. It is important that the white shirt is always spotlessly clean.
Discreet belt: fashion experts recommend that it is always better to have one or two elegant belts than dozens of ordinary belts. One can be narrow and the other belt can be wider with a silver or gold button. A good belt is worn tucked into trousers, over a dress to emphasize the waist, or over a coat or coat to emphasize the elegant cut of an item of clothing. The trend is always a classic black or brown belt. It is good to have a belt in a bright color (red).
Leather bag: A large or small leather bag is an elegant detail. It should be harmonized in the classic combination with shoes. In a relaxed combination, it is not necessary to match the leather bag with the shoes. Short bags or long bags are fashionable. Many models of leather handbags have both variants. Elegant models are leather handbags with gold, silver or metal handles in the shape of a chain.
Silk scarf: you can wear it in a hundred ways. Among other things, a good choice is a nonchalantly wrapped scarf around the neck while its ends flutter. Could be
monochrome or colorful. There are a number of interesting designs. It enhances elegance and the overall fashion impression.
“Salon” shoes: they are characterized by a simple and elegant shape that is combined with all other fashion details. They can be with a high or low heel. They can be made of leather, suede or lacquer. They are made in various colors, even with plant and animal prints. The best choice are shoes in one of the classic colors (black, red or beige).
Hat: Fashion detail used to be a must. Today, the hat is primarily a chic detail that fits well with a jacket, or a hood made of fabric. It can be with a small or large rim. When buying a hat, you should pay attention to the shape. You should consult with a fashion designer or friends because not every hat suits all people. Choose a hat according to the contours and shape of the face. If you are small and have a narrow face, do not overdo it with the rim. If you wear a black coat and shoes, a red hat and a red belt will definitely contribute to an elegant look.
Pearl necklace: A necklace with original or artificial pearls gives a breath of elegance to the look. Pearls were never brightly colored. Pearls are always in white or beige. They do not tolerate combination with other jewelry. They can be worn in all combinations and all colors of clothing and footwear.
Black and white fashion combinations: are a symbol of sophistication and good fashion taste. A white shirt and a black skirt or pants are always an unmistakable choice for a business or evening out. Black and white material patterns are an eternally trendy combination. For scarves, use black and white tufted or striped patterns. An unwritten fashion rule is that clothes in a black and white combination are worn with shoes and a bag in the same color (black or white).
Natural materials: materials made of fine cotton, silk, linen or wool are always fashionable. Sometimes they require fine maintenance (dry cleaning, steam ironing, etc.). Linen pants or a silk shirt are clothes that you will surely use for years. Worth the money invested. Clothes made of natural materials look elegant.
Less is more: the old rule that less is actually more valid in fashion events. One striking detail (for example a wristwatch) will suffice. Discreet elegance and classy looks mean simplicity and fashion harmony.

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