How to better improve our own abilities

2020-05-18 07.55.23
People are generally prone to activities, behaviors, and jobs that are not fully beneficial. While some behaviors, reactions, and beliefs don’t do well, we stubbornly stick to it. We experience them as part of a personality or character without changing them. We should not always look for the culprit for our dissatisfaction. Instead, it is important to accept that change is possible and achievable. We can’t turn back time. We cannot change the events that took place. But we can advance and improve our present and future.
The term “self-work” is often used today – from our perspective we can define self-work depending on the current focus of life. You can tell yourself that you are working on yourself to be healthier, or to be more successful in the work you do. It is a process of discovering personal potentials. It is also changing those abilities that limit us to achieve the desired goals. Working on ourselves means changing ourselves by perfecting the emotional states and practical abilities we need to make further progress. Changing oneself requires constant respect for the principles of reality. Realistic perception of the flaws and virtues of the individual. Realistic perception of the wishes and goals of the individual. Satisfaction comes when we learn not to distort reality and when we take responsibility for our own actions.
How to improve ourselves – personal experiences influence us to change and adjust our decisions, spread emotional experiences, adjust or change life goals. Changes are inevitable. Changes are an integral part of life. When we are dissatisfied with some segment of life, we need to change in that aspect in order to achieve success. When change is absent there is stagnation in progress and dissatisfaction. By changing themselves and improving their abilities, people become more successful and satisfied with life. You can change yourself or with the help of an expert. Make the decision to change first. The decision involves a number of smaller decisions: a willingness to take action, a willingness to be honest with yourself, and a willingness to take responsibility for our successes and failures.
For starters, you can start changing yourself through five simple challenges. Challenges encourage self-awareness and provide opportunities to look at aspects in which you might change. Think more about yourself and, if necessary, write down your thoughts and the positive shifts / changes you notice happening to you.
Challenge number 1 – define, meet and explore your personality. What kind of person are you, who are your family members, friends, relatives, what is your life mission … make a list of everything you want and everything you don’t want to change.
Challenge number 2 – do an inventory by living areas. What is the job you do, what is the work or private environment, what is the social life, health status, financial situation and the like.
Challenge number 3- when you get a clear picture of yourself and your environment you also have a clear picture of fulfilled or unfulfilled desires, needs, hopes. Define goals. The goal should be clearly related to the desire (I want to finish college, I want to have better health, I want to find a job, etc.). List your goals first. Then move on to achieving your goals according to your priorities. At the same time, do not forget the main goal to be more satisfied with yourself and your life. Choose ways to achieve goals (desires) and activities that can be even fun and at the same time lead to achieving the goal.
Challenge number 4-take responsibility for everything you have or have not achieved so far. What needs to be done to achieve the goal, what skills to use, how you thought and felt about it, .. and the like. Think about what you are doing now and what you would like to do. Circumstances may vary. You are responsible for perceiving the circumstances and ways of using the circumstances to make your life more beautiful.
Challenge number 5-emotions and desires move us. Emotions and desires can also stumble us on the path to success and a better life. Think about your feelings in the given circumstances and situations. Write down what feelings accompany your goals toward success (fear, love, guilt, and the like). Try to answer why these emotions appear. Try to find a way to overcome the cocoa emotions so that you can reach the set and desired goal easier and faster.

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