Leg cramps are not always an alarm

There are many causes of leg cramps. Narrowing of blood vessels, poor circulation, electrolyte imbalance, lack of magnesium and potassium, nerve damage, systemic diseases (multiple sclerosis) kidney and thyroid disease, muscle strain (consequence of exercise), prolonged standing, cold water low temperature, dehydration, pregnancy and some medications. Doctors should be consulted especially if the cramps last for a long time and recur. If the cramps appear several times during the week after a short walk, you should contact a doctor at rest. The doctor is the only person who can prescribe adequate therapy and determine the cause. Smoking is a common cause of leg cramps because it damages blood vessels. Inflammatory processes of the nerves (especially during the night), vascular disorders, heart diseases, elevated blood sugar levels are just some of the causes of leg cramps.
If leg cramps generally occur infrequently (once a month or less frequently), this is not a cause for concern. It usually occurs after strenuous walking of several kilometres, long standing in the cold or after intense sports activities.
Cramps in the legs appear suddenly. That is why they are characterized as sudden phenomena in the body. The pain can be intense and uncomfortable. It most often occurs in the area of ​​the feet and leaves on the feet. It may indicate narrowing of blood vessels and clogged arteries. This type of prolonged pain is an alarm to go to the doctor.
In some cases, we can help ourselves to reduce or eliminate leg cramps. By stretching the muscles and massaging the muscles. Help warm baths and warm compresses ,. Magnesium and potassium supplements help. Potassium deficiency in the body occurs due to the use of drugs to expel fluids. A doctor should be consulted about this.
If leg cramps are not a symptom of the disease, their appearance can be prevented by using enough fluids every day (water, soups, juices from fresh fruits and vegetables). Consumption of foods rich in potassium is desirable (banana, potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, yogurt, beets). Moderate but not excessive exercise two to three times a week is desirable. Daily walks and the use of a stationary bike is desirable. People who work in jobs that require daily standing (hairdressers, tradesmen, traffickers) should rest their legs in an elevated position as often as possible. It helps to massage and gently stretch the muscles.

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