Nordic skiing originated in Scandinavia

Nordic skiing originated in Scandinavia. It is most popular in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. People in other countries of the world also engage in Nordic skiing during the winter months. Nordic skiing requires longer and narrower skis than those intended for alpine skiing. Long ski poles are needed. The purpose of the poles is to make it easier for the skier to push off. The bindings differ from the usual ski bindings because the toes are fixed and the heel can be raised.
Nordic skiing terrain – is practiced on more or less flat and snowy terrain. That’s why it’s called “cross-country skiing”. In the past, Nordic skiing served to make it easier and faster for people to move on ice and snow. Today, Nordic skiing is a sport and recreation. Any flat surface (forest path, snow-covered field, large park, etc.) is sufficient. Nordic skiing is great for the whole family and especially children because they develop balance, concentration and fitness.
Competitions: Nordic skiing is one of the disciplines of the Winter Olympic Games. Competitions in this sport can be sprint races of several kilometres and marathon races. Nordic skiing can be associated with ski jumping and archery.
Styles in Nordic skiing: two styles of Nordic skiing are most often used. The first style is classic. It is performed by alternating swings of the legs and arms with pushing with a stick. It is similar to Nordic walking procedures. During the ascent, the “Nordic bone” is practiced. It is a movement that leaves a mark and is similar to a fish bone. In freestyle skis don’t have to be parallel. Side pushing can be done in the manner of a skater. Pushing with sticks is taken for granted.
Nordic skiing is a great form of recreation for all generations, including the elderly population. It takes place on flat ground. The possibility of injury is small. Using specially designed sticks helps maintain balance. Reduces pressure on the joints by up to 35%. Walking in the snow is good for your health. Nordic recreational running can be walking and running. During the winter months, depending on the health condition and physical abilities, we can spend our free time in a very high quality way, staying in the fresh air and improving our physical condition.


    • Dear “Forestwood”,

      Yes, Norwegians and all Scandinavian people got used on all winter sports at their early ages. The rest of us can only try and do our best in order to succeed. Wishing you all the best. Amela.


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