The first sign of dehydration is not thirst but fatigue

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There are many techniques and ways we can secrete the “happiness hormone” (serotonin) that has a positive effect on the human brain. The brain further sends messages to the human body that it is rested, relaxed and ready for new challenges.
Good sleep is important: night rest and sleep are important since we do not feel lethargic during the day. Good sleep rests the mind and body. It helps to avoid strong and plentiful meals, caffeine, strenuous exercise before bed. For easier sleep, a cup of warm milk, herbal tea with a few drops of valerian, a glass of lukewarm water with lemon, or a light walk in the fresh air helps.
Water: Get enough fluids. At least two liters of water a day. The first sign of hydration is not thirst but fatigue.
Coffee: One cup of coffee in the morning and one cup of coffee in the afternoon are preferred. Drink coffee in reasonable quantities. Excessive coffee consumption leads to high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, trembling hands and the appearance of feelings of anxiety.
Easy walk: any kind of lethargy is solved by a light walk in the fresh air. Walk in all weather conditions (sun, rain, wind, snow, etc.). After ten minutes of easy walking you will feel better and healthier.
Exercise: ten minutes of morning gymnastics increases energy, improves circulation and improves mood. Going to a fitness center or gym lifts your mood and strengthens your immunity.
Fresh juices: fresh juices from fruits and vegetables provide the necessary and sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are important in the fight against fatigue, lethargy and mood swings.
Diet: A properly chosen diet is an inexhaustible source of energy. Foods rich in antioxidants. Proteins are energy boosters (nuts, seeds, yogurt, turkey). Avoid meals that are a combination of meat and carbohydrates. These meals quickly raise energy and quickly lower energy. Rather, combine meat with vegetables (spinach, carrots, chard).

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