Frozen desserts are a favorite dessert all year round

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All kinds of frozen desserts (ice cream, granite, gelato, frozen souffle, frozen mousse, soft ice, ice pops, sorbet, parfait, semifreddo and others) are eaten all year round. Cold winter days make it nicer and sweeter while hot summer days make it refreshing and fun. There are many types of frozen desserts. Some can be prepared on home versions while some are prepared using pasteurization and freezing machines. A freezer is good for some iced desserts. Some subtypes of frozen desserts are similar in composition. The differences are only in the ratios that give different degrees of freezing. Parfait, semifreddo and frozen souffle are very similar. The difference is in the composition. Parfait is a frozen dessert in which more mixture of “pate a bombe” (hot syrup-treated egg yolks) is put, semifreddo is made with more Italian meringue, while more cream is put in the frozen souffle.
Sorbet and granite are almost the same in their composition. The difference is in the way of freezing. Sorbets are fine ice crystals because they freeze in machines. Granites are easily prepared at home because the mixture is frozen in the freezer and mixed with a fork to make the crystals as large as possible. These are all subtleties that make certain recipes special.
The basic division of ice cream is into milk and fruit ice cream. Milk ice cream base is milk, sugar, cream and eggs. Vegan and sugar-free varieties are prepared. The basis of fruit ice cream is fruit puree, water and sugar, although there are various measures and recipes. Seen with the expert eye, ice creams are the most risky group of desserts. In the composition and proportions of foods that contain it is a paradise for bacteria. Well pasteurized, properly frozen and well stored ice cream is the right combination. The ice cream industry is huge and ubiquitous. Ice cream bases differ in quality.

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