Medicinal and beautiful rose petals become syrup, juice and jam

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The rose stands out with its beauty and fragrance in numerous bouquets of flowers. This flower is almost always chosen for special occasions, i.e. when the event, ceremony and importance of the moment are to be emphasized with flowers. This magical flower has healing properties. Velvet petals have vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids and other bio-active compounds. Rose is a remedy for the liver and intestines in folk medicine.Its beneficial effect on skin vitality has long been recognized in the cosmetics industry.
On many windows of private homes today we can still see jars of pink juice. Homemade rose syrup is healing and refreshing to prepare quickly and easily. It does not require special culinary skills.
Ingredients for rose syrup:
• rose petals
• large jars
• limuntos (citric acid)
• sugar
• water
Preparation of rose syrup:
1. Roses that are not grafted are used for this juice. Fragrant roses that bloom in late May or during June. They are known as May roses, sugar roses or rose juice or rose jam. They grow bushy. They give a lot of small thorns. The stem is thinner and tougher than other roses. The flower is full of tiny petals. The colors range from light pink to dark pink.
2. Separate the rose petals from the stems. Put in jars the size of 5 liters. Pour the petals to be more than half of the jar (almost full jar). Add two limuntos and pour water. The petals will rise to the top. Cover the jars with a plate or foil. Never close the jars with the cap. The juice will sour and sting. Leave the jars in a sunny place for ten days (maybe a few days longer) until the water turns pink. Then the petals lose their color and become grayish.
3. Strain the resulting juice. Measure how much fluid you get. How many liters of liquid – how many kg of sugar you add to the liquid.
4. Mix everything finely. Leave in a cool place for the sugar to melt completely. Pour the juice into bottles and close well.
The rose juice syrup is ready. Dilute it with water if desired. Serve with a couple of lemon slices and a couple of ice cubes.
Stored in this way, it can stand in a cool and dark place (in the refrigerator) for several months.
5. You can pour some of the juice into plastic bottles. Freeze in the freezer. So you have rose juice all year round.
6. If you do not want syrup. Do not sugar the juice during preparation. Then sweeten the juice with sugar or honey just before serving.

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