A sick child requires the calmness and patience of parents and guardians

Older doctors and doctors with many years of experience in working with children most often reassure younger doctors without experience with the sentence “Children are the healthiest patients.” A small child does not know how to describe the problems that plague him. Refusal of food and poor sleep affect the general condition of the child. They make it difficult to assess the severity of the disease. Children with extremely high fever, malaise and constant crying require the complete safety of a parental embrace. They give the impression of a serious patient. Pediatrician advice and a comprehensive explanation of the nature of the disease are often not sufficient to alleviate parental anxiety. Most childhood illnesses lead to a transient disruption of the daily family routine. As the parenting experience in the upbringing and education of children grows, so does the excessive concern of the parents. Children are rarely concerned about their health. Chronically ill children suffer more from the inability to play with other children than from the possible outcome of the disease.
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The Microlife NEB 400 children’s nebuliser has been specifically designed to make treatment more pleasant for children, whilst ensuring all the quality and safety standards of Microlife products.
Caring for a sick child is different from the daily care of a healthy child. Healthy food, hot drinks, rest and attention. Offer regular meals. Do not change the established rules (do not treat bad mood and irritability with sweets). Fluid is most important in vomiting and diarrhea, cough and high fever. Lightly sweetened tea, clear soup and water should be taken by the child in small sips for five minutes. The companion of any disease is a weakened appetite. A few days with meager meals will not harm the child. Taking prescribed medications and often measuring the temperature with a thermometer is the rule in the education of preschool children.
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Children are reluctant to rest in bed. The child should not lie down. He can have fun watching cartoons, TV programs intended for their age, playing board games. It is not necessary to overheat the child with blankets. Light cotton clothes and a ventilated room are great allies in the fight against diseases. A sick child seeks company and does not like isolation. Do not restrain your child while playing in a family environment. Good mood and interest are a good sign in assessing the condition of the disease. Watch for signs of improvement and worsening of the disease. A tall febrile child who does not refuse food and looks satisfied with playing in the environment is always a better sign than a child lying in bed. The appearance of new symptoms, drowsiness and malaise, shortness of breath and rapid breathing, the appearance of skin rashes are signs that the child should be taken to the doctor for an examination.
Caring for a sick child requires a lot of patience and self-control. Concerns should not lead parents to despair. After a few sleepless nights, parental tolerance subsides. However, a sick child should not be informed that everything is allowed. Experienced parents reach for a compromise – allow the child to be a little younger than the real age. As part of this, follow the rules of good behavior. You need to come up with games for the whole day. Depending on the age of the child, organize a completely new social game.
Important rules for home treatment of children:
1. Remedies to relieve fever are dosed per kilogram of body weight (not according to the age of the children). At the same time, they are painkillers.
2. You will alleviate the difficulties of the children by giving the right dose at the right intervals. Do not interfere with the doctor’s diagnosis.
3. Adequate treatment for vomiting and diarrhea is drinking fluids sip by sip for a few minutes, light food and probiotics.
4. Allies against respiratory diseases are hot drinks and herbal cough syrup. Patience and experience of the older generations who successfully nursed sick children in much worse conditions.
5. The doctor will give advice and words of support that proper care of the child at home is the most painless way to recovery.

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