Exercise and combined training give the best results for losing weight

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A daily calorie diet always means excessive calorie intake. The consequences are lethargy, a feeling of tiredness and accumulated pounds. Before starting any training accompanied by exercise, it is best to consult a doctor to determine what type of load your body can withstand.
Recommended exercises:
Exercise 1-on the floor put two boards or books 3 inches thick. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean on the books with your heels. Raise both hands. Fist your hands behind your head. With a sigh, lower yourself into a full squat. With the exhale, stand up. Do three sets of exercises of ten repetitions each.
Exercise 2-sand fill two 0.5-liter plastic bottles. This is a great replacement for light weights to help you get started. Stand upright with your arms relaxed next to your body. Bending at the elbow alternately one hand and then the other hand lift the bottles in front of you. Do these biceps exercises three times for ten repetitions.
Exercise 3-arm with a bottle lift upright. This strengthens the triceps. Then bend your arm to lower the bottle towards the opposite shoulder behind your head. Do these triceps exercises three times for ten repetitions.
Exercise Raise the 4-bottle sideways from the waist to a horizontal position. That’s how you exercise your shoulders. Three times for ten repetitions.
Exercise 5-Take a broom handle and place it over your shoulder behind your head. Grab as wide a grip as possible. Turn your waist to one side and then the other. Follow the hand with your gaze. Do these exercises in three sets of twenty repetitions.
Abdominal exercises and spine exercises are a mandatory part of every workout. Pre-warming of the body is required. Weight training results in an increase in muscle mass. Energy consumption plays a major role in basal metabolism. In other words, calorie consumption continues after weight training in the resting phase. Its values ​​are higher than the results achieved by cardio training. Cardio training (aerobic activities, running, jumping, swimming and cycling) is a big consumer of calories. This only applies to the values ​​spent during training. The best combination is cardio training with a gym. It is important to know that cardio training is done after weight training or in separate terms.
The most common mistake that exercisers make is to determine the exercise program on their own initiative. In the first months, this method gives positive results. Then soon the desired effects begin to be absent. The second problem of the exerciser is more dangerous and arises due to improper performance of certain movements. This can lead to permanent and serious consequences or injuries to the exerciser. Exercising under professional supervision and with the advice of experts means less chance of giving up.

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