10 foods for stronger immunity

Viral infections can be solved with a balanced and varied diet that strengthens the body. Daily intake of optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals through diet is crucial.
Yogurt and kefir-probiotic ingredients contribute to better digestion of food and strengthening of the organism. Daily consumption of yogurt and kefir reduces the possibility of colds and respiratory infections.
Ginger can be used for preventive purposes with tea, honey or as an addition to salads. There are ready-made ginger syrups in pharmacies.
Flax and sunflower seeds — ground flax seeds can be added to homemade breads, pastries, salads, and dishes. It is rich in antioxidants. Sunflower seeds are a great snack. These substances act to strengthen the immune system.
A spoonful of natural honey is a great start to the day. It is also a perfect defensive strategy in the fight against the virus.
Homemade soup-prepared from chicken with skin, beef ribs, carrots, onions, celery, parsley and parsnips. Clear and strong homemade soup is an excellent remedy for colds. It contains vitamin B6 and chondroitin which have a beneficial effect on the joints.
Pomegranate-refreshing sour-sweet combination provides an abundance of vitamin C. Pomegranate contains folic acid. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants. Pomegranate is good fresh, in a fruit salad, smoothie or vitamin salad.
Sauerkraut salad is a real treasure trove of vitamin C. It is desirable to eat at least twice a week.
Kiwi has a low calorie content. It contains vitamins A, K, C and B, as well as the minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc, which together have a positive effect on the whole organism.
Nuts-contain omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts provide additional zinc intake which plays an important role in cellular processes during the activation of defense mechanisms.
Beet-herbal pigment anthocyanin gives beets a red color. It is great for the cardiovascular system. Beets contain lithium, manganese, bromine and iodine in addition to potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Beets contain vitamins C and B groups.

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