DIY: a cheerful floral arrangement with the scent of conifers

Flower bouquets and arrangements bring joy to any home. They beautify the home and enrich the space in which they are located. Although short-lived, they bring joy and positive energy to homes with their beauty and freshness. Flower arrangements do not require a lot of time spent on making.
Needed: one large deep pot in which to work all the ingredients, duct tape, scissors or a sharp kitchen knife, flowers of your choice, branches of evergreen trees of your choice, decorations for the arrangement of your choice.
Making: The problem with making an arrangement is that the objects / elements that are placed are unstable and move from the tray in which you place them. Professional flower arrangers solve this problem with the help of specially made bases into which they stick tree branches. Substrates have the ability to retain moisture. Their function is twofold. They can be purchased at all the better stocked flower and flower arrangement stores. At home, you can make the base by using adhesive tape to make a net on a deeper container. Glue the top of the container with tape to get a net. Pour enough water into the empty space of the pot so that the branches of the trees can be dipped in water. Then insert flowers, tree branches, decorations and other elements into the container or mesh of the adhesive tape. Make sure that the wetting elements are well distributed so that they do not come into contact with moisture. For example, keep dry or fresh cones away from direct contact with water. Deeper containers can be plastic or of a heavier material (ceramic, glass, etc.).
Making this kind of home decoration is simple and fast. In a short period of time you can make even a few decorative flower arrangements. Coniferous is a popular wood used for these types of flower arrangements because the scent of conifers is a natural substitute for shopping space fresheners.

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