Orhan Pamuk, Paulo Coelho and John Green

„Hippie“ (by Paulo Coelho)-readership around the world got their favorite writer when the novel Alchemist appeared on the shelves of world bookstores many years ago. Hippie’s new novel takes us back to the writer’s youth. It is based on true stories from his biography. Coelho was born in 1947 in Rio de Janeiro. From an early age, Coelho aspired to discover deeper spiritual messages and achieve personal freedom. The period of his adolescence coincided with the turbulent cultural changes that swept the entire planet in the late 1960s. The novel Hippie follows the journey of young long-haired Paul. Paul takes the so-called “death train” to Bolivia and then to Peru. He continues by hitchhiking to Chile and Argentina. Eventually Paul ended up in Amsterdam. Surrounded by numerous peers, Paul is dressed in colorful clothes of colorful colors. The future world-famous writer discovers the magic of pushing the boundaries of freedom. He is boarding the “Magic Bus” with Dutchwoman Karla. Paul and Karla continue their journey through Europe, through Istanbul and Central Asia to the mythical destination of the seeker of wisdom — Nepal.
„Fault in Our Stars“ (by John Green)-upon publication this book had an excellent reception with readers. This is the first book to be at the top of the best-selling books in the UK for more than 6 weeks. It has sold more than 20 million copies. The book was screened in 2014. The film was approved by critics and viewers. Special praise went to actress Sheilin Woodley (the main character in the film Hazel Grace). In his teenage years, Hazel faces a terrible medical diagnosis. A ray of hope occurs when a medical miracle occurs that leads to a reduction in the tumor. Her life changes completely after meeting Augusts Waters in the Cancer Support Group.
„My Name is Red“ (by Orhan Pamuk)-Orhan Pamuk was born in Istanbul. In a 2006 interview after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, the author clarified the question of Istanbul: “Istanbul is on the brink of Europe – mysterious, strange, uncompromising and completely non-European, although Europe has always occupied a great place in his heart.” He commented on his own contribution to understanding the interactions of different cultures. Pamuk says: “Culture is a mixture. Culture means a mixture of things from different sources. And my city of Istanbul was that kind of mix. “Istanbul and my work are proof that East and West can nicely combine culture or sometimes merge in an archaic way. That’s what we have to look for.”
This novel is an unavoidable read for all readers who want to get acquainted with the artistic richness and tradition of the East. My Name is Red is a great way to enter the world that was immortalized by one of the most important writers of today, Orhan Pamuk, with his literary works.
The book My Name is Red uses the art of miniature to explore the soul of the nation. – John Updike.

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