The little black dress is the perfect garment for any occasion

The little black dress is a fashion phenomenon incomparable to other garments. It is of simple cut and variable length depending on the inclination and the amount of personal courage. You can wear a little black dress in all kinds of social events. It is a safe solution and option for all possible social occasions.
Coco Chanel was a unique person. Through his own efforts, with the occasional help of the acquisition of favorable life circumstances, he manages to build and preserve a fashion empire. It is precisely the little black dress that is one of the fundamental pillars on which Chanel’s dominance rests through the pages of fashion history. In 1926 a black sleeveless dress appeared. She summed up the essence of Chanel fashion expression, i.e. the tendency towards simple and elegant style, new materials, the advantages of mass production and social contact in which women fought step by step for the realization of women’s rights. The influential fashion magazine Vogue declared the little black dress “the future uniform of women with style”. Along with Coco Chanel, Jean Pattou is responsible for the creation of the little black dress.
A little black dress and a black leather jacket
The black color has a super-chic undeniable vibration. This gives every woman a solid foundation according to which, with the help of her imagination, she can create a recognizable personal fashion style for every occasion. A simple and neat hairstyle, shiny and black heeled shoes, a large “letter” bag and a small black dress are an unmistakable combination. In addition to the monochrome scheme, every woman can add some of the attractive fashion details to her look. Changing the color of the bag or changing the color of the shoes already give a different fashion direction. A little trick for an extended look of the feet is to wear shoes in a skin color shade. The bag in the dominant color with a little black dress will give a striking look. Loyalty to minimalism is the main feature of Coco Chanel. For people who are more inclined to emphasize their own individuality, a leather jacket will go well with a small black jacket.
The impact of a little black dress
The unwritten rule is that wars, looking through history, are associated with stories of male heroism. Yet the true heroes of the First World War were women. Women were doing a lot of work then in conditions of general scarcity in the world. This kind of minimalism left a strong influence on the post-war years. Women then increasingly showed aversion to traditional rules and imposed wardrobe. With her creations, Coco Chanel gave women the opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of men’s clothing. While women retain femininity and sophistication. Short hair, comfortable materials, clothes that do not restrict movements are the characteristics of a modern and liberated woman. Women freed themselves from social restraints by getting rid of corsets, buns, lace and wide crinolines. The little black dress was a powerful and simple means to achieve this goal. The use of jersey as a comfortable and affordable sewing material, simplicity of cut and variety of applications has enabled millions of women to incorporate a dress that emphasizes female beauty instead of origin.
The Great Depression and the Crash of the Stock Exchange
So far, it has not been revealed whether Coco Chanel managed to predict the Great Depression and the collapse of the stock market with her influence and a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. The little black dress, with its simplicity, fit perfectly into the economic situation at the time. The popularity of this garment continues to grow. The Hollywood film industry resisted tenaciously by offering dreams on celluloid film tape. The transition of films from black and white to color films brought additional popularity to the little black dress. One of the main reasons why the then actresses were dressed almost identically was of a technical nature. When applying Technicolor technology, the little black dress created the least problems. Other colors on the movie screens seemed unnatural and spilled. The famous cartoon character Betty Boop wore a little black dress in the original edition. Betty’s dress turns red with the advancement of film technology. The forties of the 20th century contributed to the consolidation of acquired positions.
In the 1950s, with relative conservatism, they naturally adopted the little black dress as part of the legacy of past decades. Nevertheless, the sixties bring a new vision and application of this garment. Then the mini-fashion appears so we have a rapid shortening of the little black dress. The emergence of hippy culture brings floral motifs and other fashion accessories. 1961 The magnificent Audrey Hepburn in The Breakfast at Tiffany’s establishes an eternal canon of elegance and charm. The Givency dress that Audrey wore in this film reached a price of £ 410,000 at auction in 2006. A scandal erupted in The Covent Garden in London in 2004 at the center of which is soprano Deborah Voigt. She was replaced by another singer for a bizarre reason. The director of the opera at the time claimed that Deborah did not look good in a little black dress. In terms of labor law, this claim was then indecent and illegal and meaningless. The little black dress suits all women in the world perfectly. According to urban legend, the first director of the FBI, John Edghar Hoover, always had one little black dress in his closet. If this legend is true it depicts the importance and unsurpassed influence of this garment.

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