Migraine is reduced by therapy with herbal preparations

2020-06-09 13.34.28
Migraine is the third most common health problem faced by the entire population. Any information on how to alleviate migraine symptoms is useful and sought after. After the first symptoms appear, the patient should react. Certain steps should be taken to reduce the discomfort. Consultation with a pharmacist and doctor is mandatory. However, it is possible to use herbal preparations and teas whose effect has been proven in practice. Migraine attacks are unpredictable. However, avoiding certain foods can reduce migraine symptoms. Canned and dried meat products, products with sodium glutamate should be almost removed from the menu. Vitamin B6 and magnesium intake should be increased through supplements in consultation with a doctor and pharmacist.
Gingo biloba-active ingredients of preparations with gingo biloba have a positive effect on better circulation. The level of oxygen in the brain rises. This leads to a reduction in attacks accompanied by headaches. Gingo biloba plant extracts are successful in children suffering from this disease.
A ginger study conducted in Brazil shows that ginger extract relieves pain caused by migraines. Ginger relieves nausea. It helps a faster and shorter recovery period due to migraines.
Tea mixture-20 grams of angelica (lat. Angelica arhangelica), 20 grams of primrose (lat. Petroselinum sativum), 20 grams of sea buckthorn (lat. Foeniculum vulgare) and 20 grams of anise (lat. Pimpinela anisum). Mix all ingredients. Pour three tablespoons of this tea mixture with 0.75 l of boiling water. Leave covered for an hour. Strain. Drink this amount of tea in small portions during the day.
Tip plus comes from my grandmother: grape juice reduces headaches and migraines. place the sliced raw potato rings on the forehead around the entire head. then wrap your head with a cotton cloth or towel.

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