Nordic walking is a fun sport for the whole year

Nordic walking can be defined as a sport developed as a type of summer training for skiers. Walkers or exercisers of this sport walk with sticks in their hands. Here the stick is not a type of orthopedic aid but part of the exerciser’s equipment. Finnish skiers began practicing this form of training during the summer months in the 1930s. So they realized that this sport is fun and useful for the general condition of the body. Accelerated work of the heart and muscles, activation of a large number of muscle groups, the ability to adjust the intensity of training to the current abilities of the exerciser are the advantages of this sport. Finnish athlete and sports coach Mauri Repo wrote the first rules and defined techniques of Nordic walking in the late seventies.
Simple necessary equipment is the main advantage of this sport. Comfortable sportswear adapted to the outside temperature, comfortable sneakers for outdoor activities and ski poles intended for this activity. The rods can be telescopic (adjustable) or one-piece. The advantage of one-piece rods is less weight and greater durability. They should be individually adjusted to the height of the exerciser. The standard calculation for the rod dimension is based on multiplying the body height by a coefficient of 0.68.
Nordic walking raises overall life energy. It has a beneficial effect on general psychophysical health. It is an ideal activity for all people who want to lose extra pounds. The use of sticks reduces the load on the legs and pelvis by 30%. 90% of the muscles of the whole body are activated. The average workout lasts from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Then the exerciser consumes 400 to 800 calories.
This fitness activity is available to all people regardless of gender, age and physical condition. There is one foot on the ground at all times. During the landing, the load on the joints is eliminated. The use of sticks relieves the ankles, knees and the entire pelvic girdle. The muscles of the upper body are activated. Older exercisers and convalescents are advised to walk on flat terrain. Advanced walkers can walk according to their current level of fitness. Proper technique of using sticks is important. This skill is acquired by a person after several trainings. Before starting to practice this sport, it is desirable to consult and consult a doctor.

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