DIY: Painting patterns on silk scarves

cover page:
A wonderful and creative hobby that can very easily become a business. Painting silk scarves gives endless possibilities to awaken the imagination, play with colors and fill your free time. Painting scarves is done by different techniques. The classic technique means using wax and frames (designed to stretch scarves over frames). There are simple approaches that do not require a lot of free time. This hobby requires patience.

Start of work – a base is needed to protect the furniture during work. Purchasing nylon (for painting) can be easily obtained at very affordable prices. This nylon can be used multiple times. A sponge roller with a carrier, wallpaper glue and paper self-adhesive tape are required. Silk dyes can be found in specialized shops for hobbyists. Silk scarves in various colors and sizes can also be conveniently purchased in these stores. Household materials needed: sherpa, plastic container, erasers, cardboard, scissors and a few pliers.
The basis for painting silk scarves-paints for painting are water-based. It is necessary to read the instructions for use before starting work. Heat the water-diluted paint to boiling. Soak the scarf briefly in the hot solution. Cardboard will serve to avoid a monotonous monochrome background. Cut the cardboard into oblong rectangles. Wrap the scarf around these strips (according to the principle of accordions). Fix the resulting roll with rubber bands and clips. Dip the roll into the paint. After a short soak, you are sure that the scarf was completely immersed in the color. You can randomly add a few drops in another color. Unroll the scarf and let it dry completely.

Add patterns as desired to the scarf-spread the scarf over the protective pad. Secure it with self-adhesive paper tape. Use self-adhesive tape to make a net glued to the scarf. So you can paint the free fields in another color. The colors are easily spilled on the silk. You will have defined patterns on the base. The trick to achieve this effect is to mix the paint with wallpaper glue. Dissolve the glue in warm water to a mushy structure. Add concentrated color. Apply the stored paint with a roller over the net (the intensity of the pattern depends on the number of roller crossings over the net). Remove the adhesive tape.


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