DIY: statement T-shirt or T-shirt with a message

cover page:
Big fashion companies have chosen truths about life and important messages that they print on T-shirts, shirts, jackets and coats. Often on many garments we read some of the messages personal, emotional or about environmental protection or engaged political nature and the like.
You can make a statement T-shirt like this at home. Let the print on the T-shirt be a personal stamp that leads to thinking and mutual communication. The T-shirt thus becomes a medium for expressing attitudes. Good books are always a useful source of good quotes. Type in the Top 10 T shirts on Google and you will get plenty of results. Choose your favorite statement.
Materials needed to make a statement T shirt: one T shirt, a pack of textile felt-tip pens, a print-sized cardboard, an ironing cloth and an iron.
Making a statement T shirt: slide the T-shirt over a hard surface (ironing board or solid cardboard). The text shrinks as much as the T-shirt shrinks, so don’t stretch the fabric too much. Write directly on the T-shirt. If you are not an experienced lyricist, then mark the text (message) with tailor’s chalk or an ordinary graphite pencil. Write a message. Wait a minute. Place a cloth over the written text. Iron for one to two minutes to allow the felt-tip pen to dry.

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