Well-groomed, healthy and beautiful legs (natural treatments)

Swollen joints, varicose veins on the legs, swollen legs are some of the problems that plague all people from almost all age groups in the world. We spend our whole lives on our feet. One third of the world’s population is thought to have a problem with varicose veins. This problem affects women more than men. Additional risks are obesity, pregnancy, prolonged standing and reduced physical activity. However people can help themselves. Keep your legs above chest height as often as possible, rest your legs whenever you have the chance. Wear comfortable shoes without high heels, use foods rich in fiber, eliminate alcohol and tobacco, use socks or straps for varicose veins and sore feet.
Folk remedies made from herbs are often used to treat varicose veins and sore legs. Famous herbs that help with pain are calendula, wild chestnut, blueberry, cranberry and hawthorn.
Marigold is used to prepare an effective ointment for sore and swollen feet. Finely chop all parts of the plant (flower, leaf and stem). Add to the hot melted fat. when the mixture boils remove from the heat. Cover the dish and leave it overnight at room temperature. The next day, heat the mixture slightly so that you can strain the contents. Rub the obtained homemade ointment on all painful places.
Chamomile has a calming effect. It helps and relieves weight and discomfort from varicose veins, especially after time spent on the legs. Mix dried chamomile flowers with some organic coconut oil. Rub your feet with this mixture before bed.
Blueberries stimulate circulation. Improves the overall condition of the vascular system. Fresh and frozen blueberries can be used.
Parsley is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and cell recovery and reproduction. Parsley contains rutin which strengthens the capillaries in the legs. A coating of a thin layer of honey and finely chopped parsley is recommended. Use the dressing several times a day.
Apple cider vinegar is a simple and effective remedy for varicose veins and cracked capillaries. The results are visible after a few weeks. Soak a piece of cotton wool in apple cider vinegar. Rub on veins and legs.
Wild chestnut reduces inflammatory processes. It releases a feeling of heaviness in the legs. Reduces cramps and pain. To prepare cream with wild chestnuts, ten wild chestnuts are needed. Grind the chestnuts and pour over 2 dcl of alcohol or homemade brandy. Keep the jar in the sun for seven weeks. Strain the resulting mixture. Rub the cream lightly on the sore spots every day.
There are a large number of various preparations for leg health, varicose veins, cracked capillaries and swollen and painful legs in pharmacies. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about your foot problems before buying any preparation (cream, gel, sprays, ointments, etc.).

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