The ring is the most represented piece of jewelry in all cultures of the world

Since prehistoric times, people have adorned themselves with colors and decorations made of grass, plants, stones, shells, flowers and later with metal, diamonds and glass. The ring has changed its shape, way of making and symbolism over the centuries. It remained a symbol of eternity. This endless circle is a proof of love, belonging, family tradition, power, status in society and prestige. The story of the ring is woven into the human notion of love, romance and power. The story of the ring ranges from a romantic oath of allegiance, a hidden poison for unfortunate heroines and unwavering heroes, to the seals used to verify important documents in vox. In ancient Egypt, a custom similar to the gift of an engagement ring originated. 1477 Maximillian I presented the first diamond engagement ring to his future wife Mary of Burgundy. The diamond ring shows the strength and power of their love. Jewelry is part of a national symbol, folklore and tradition. The engagement ring is worn on the ring finger because of the belief that it passes through the “vein amoris” to the heart.
Elisabeth Taylor once received the most expensive engagement ring of all time. Richard Burton gave Elisabeth a ring with a cut diamond worth $ 8.8 million. The seal ring is mentioned in the Bible as an inviolable symbol of power. Ancient Greece and ancient Rome used rings engraved with family symbols, monograms and coats of arms. The ring was part of the identity of ruling and noble families. Members of the ruling and noble families used the ring to certify important state records and documents. The ring was preserved as an important part of the family heritage and passed on to new generations. There are numerous stories and legends about the ring. The old German opera “Ring of the Nibelung” was inspired by the search for the ring. Today, the most famous story is “The Lord of the Rings”. by Tolkien.
Temptation is a common trait that binds all stories about the origin and purpose of wearing a ring. The person wearing the ring has the ability to overcome fear, doubt, vices and gain the greatest power of self-control. The ring is equally loved by women and men of all generations. Women wear the ring because of its symbolism, beauty, family tradition, fashion style, and glamor. Psychology claims that women for whom a ring is a favorite piece of jewelry crave tenderness, romance and success in business. Dr. Amery Wilson is an American psychologist who has dealt with this topic. Dr. Wilson believes that the ring sends a more complete message about the person and the women who wear it “firmly” stand on the ground. The shape of the ring says a lot about its owner. The oval shape of the ring is chosen by feminine and rebellious people. Round rings are chosen by people who are lovers of tradition and family. The square ring is chosen by eccentric people who love beauty and ambition. The teardrop-shaped ring reveals the melancholy character of the person wearing it. The heart-shaped ring is worn by people who always feel youthful. Psychology further claims that we wear the ring on the finger whose role we want to emphasize. The ring on the index finger is worn by a leader who does not tolerate criticism. The ring on the middle finger is worn by a person for whom material and social status is most important. The ring on the ring is worn by a person who loves tradition and family. A ring on a little finger means an imaginative and brave person who loves creativity. Only one ring on the hand signifies an authoritative person. More rings on a person’s hand means a social and social person. The ring on the right hand means a practical person standing firmly on the ground. The ring on his left hand signifies a dreamer. A ring on both hands means a person who loves friends. People who like big rings are adorned with strong will, organizational skills and desire for domination. People who like a thin and inconspicuous ring are romantically shy and somewhat insecure people. People who like to change the ring depending on the occasion are free-spirited with no restrictions. A recent trend is to wear a ring on the upper, first and middle wrist. It is current to wear several rings with glittering stones, zircons, pendants and necklaces. A popular is a ring that covers an entire nail or a few fingers and a ring tattoo.

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