A leather jacket has been a status symbol for more than a century

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One of the first materials for making clothes was leather. Even opponents of the use of animals to make garments do not easily give up this fashion item. For these people, the fashion industry has developed a whole range of synthetic materials whose texture is reminiscent of original leather. The leather jacket is attractive, powerful and seductive.
The popular leather jacket was created out of practical needs. The development of the original aviation went in the direction of keeping the plane in the air and trying to avoid plane crashes. The pilot was expected to lift the aircraft into the air and land safely. Enjoying comfort is not considered an option. The problem arose when the pilots discovered that the temperature at some altitudes was not the least bit pleasant. The solution was leather jackets. This material and leather cuts, developed before and during the First World War, combined durability and good thermal characteristics. He allowed the creators to make a model that would not impede movement. The pilots soon gained the fame of the knights of the modern age. Their fashion style and expression are beginning to imitate bold and daring people. In parallel with the development of aviation, there was progress in the design of motorcycles. Some people showed their courage on motorcycles instead of in aviation. The leather jacket logically imposed itself as part of the motorcycle equipment. The key moments in the establishment of the leather jacket happened in the twenties of the last century. 1925 The French fashion manufactory Chapal introduces the A1 leather jacket to the market for the first time.
Charles Lindbergh performed his historic venture of flying over the Atlantic Ocean in this jacket. The A1 leather jacket model is still available for purchase. The whole millennium will soon be marked by how this model is present on the fashion market. The Perfecto leather jacket is also a model of a leather jacket with zippers that appeared in 1928. The Perfecto leather jacket was sold in Harley Davidson motorcycle stores.
The formation of fashion perceptions took place with the development of the film industry throughout the 20th century. The film classic “Night Passage” with James Stewart, Marlon Brando in the film classic “Savage” and James Dean in the cult film “Rebel Without a Cause” further celebrated leather jackets. The trend continued in the following decades. The popular Indiana Jones performed his adventures in the inevitable leather jacket. The appearance of the Terminator showed that a leather jacket is part of the obligatory uniform of strong individuals. A replica of Nicolas Cage from the film “Wild at Heart” was recorded: “For me, this is a symbol of my individuality and my faith in personal freedom.” Cage wore a snakeskin jacket in this film.

The longer shape of the leather jacket in the shape of a leather coat becomes known from the Matrix franchise. Rock musicians also love leather jackets. We all fondly remember the cult film The Grease and John Travolta in an unsurpassed leather jacket. The music industry understands that boys’ fashion brands are a great source of income. Thus a leather jacket becomes an integral part of every outfit. Leather jackets became an indispensable part of women’s fashion in the 80s of the 21st century.

The fashion industry has so far developed a whole range of alternative materials as a replacement for original leather. The advantages of these materials are lower price, easier acceptance of colors and differently designed prints. This is an advantage in the era of domination of various popular shades. Leather processing and dyeing technology has also advanced. Original skins from the meat industry (cow, lamb and pig skin) are mostly used. Deer, antelope and the skins of other wild animals are also used. Reptiles also contribute to the fashion industry. Buttons and zippers and various leather straps are used for fastening. Some models are supplemented with wool around the waist and sleeves. Some models are made to emphasize the natural look of the skin. These are most often pilot jackets made of lamb and sheepskin from which the fleece has not been removed. The lives of sailors sailing the North Seas at temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius are preserved, among other things, by fur-lined leather jackets.
The biggest advantage of a leather jacket is its compatibility with other garments. It goes well with silk garments, jeans, cotton and other materials. It is quite enough to have one leather jacket with a classic cut that will last for years and fit perfectly with all other fashion items.

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