Different board games boost memory and boost self-confidence

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The new age of viruses and post-viruses has spent most of us at home expecting further developments around the world. It was an opportunity to learn to work better with other household members and to overcome potential obstacles that we sometimes have. Through joint activities, different age groups improve the relationships they build over the years, create stronger bonds and get to know each other. Board games have always encouraged empathy, a common spirit, competitive zeal and optimism. Patience, verbal communication and mutual interaction are important here. Young children learn the ability to focus. Older children are interested in strategy games with which they learn new skills and planning. The main message of all social games is that happiness is changeable and can change in an instant while togetherness can always be built and perfected.
Monopoly- one of the most popular board games in the world. It is also the best-selling game in the world. The rules of the game say that players are kept from prison, to build on their own land, and beat competitors. By accumulating money and real estate, players come to victory. The game requires good skills, a little luck and planning even though it looks simple at first hand.
Jamb- players take turns rolling five dice. They write the results literally with a pencil in the provided tables on paper. Winning and a higher final total depend on the skill of the players to throw kent, full, poker or iambic.
Puzzle-here are the most important patience, concentration, memory development, perseverance and problem solving. There is a puzzle competition in the world. There is a museum puzzle and World Puzzle Day. The motives for putting the puzzle together and the number of parts for the puzzle can be different.
Continue the story — a fun game that always ends in laughter. The first player says one word, the second player says that word and his word. This is how long and funny sentences and stories are created. It turns out the player makes a mistake.
Treasure hunt – one of the players hides an object when all family members leave the room. The family then returns to that room and the search for the treasure begins. The winner is the person who finds the hidden object.
Dominoes – a famous and very old game. It consists of tiles of various values. These values, according to the rules, agree with each other. Players place Domino tiles according to the rules of the game. In doing so, they try to get rid of all their tiles. The winner is the player who gets rid of their Domino tiles first or the player with the least points. The Domino set consists of 28 rectangular tiles made of wood, ivory, etc. Each tile has a face and a back, where the back in the whole set must be the same. The face is divided into two equal parts by a vertical line, and there is a certain number of dots on each part. The number of dots (also called “Oke”) on one side can be from 0 – 6.
There is a different combination of values ​​on each tile. In addition to the tiles in the set there are:

– tiles on which one field is empty (called “Naked”)

– tiles on which both fields are empty (called “Double-Naked”)

– tiles with the same number of dots on both sides (called “Duplet”)
The term “Tile Weight” denotes the total number of Eyes on either side. This kit is also called “6×6” and is considered standard. Along with it there is another set “8×8”. It contains a total of 45 tiles and all possible combinations of Eye, from 0 – 8. There are even larger sets. The tiles face the flat surface and so all players mix them for a few seconds. After that, they are stacked on top of each other, face down, 4 tiles each (in a set of “8×8” 5 each). Such groups are placed next to each other and form a “pile”. No Domino’s “face” should be seen in it. The “hand” is the Domino that each player takes from the “pile” and puts in front of him. Everyone has their “Hand” and plays out of it. Also, throughout the game, players pull some more Dominoes out of the “pile” and thus increase their “Hand”. How much a player will pull before, and how much during the game itself, depends on the game itself.
The player can hold his tiles in his hands or in front of him, leaning the longer side against the table. The most important thing is to have a complete overview of your tiles, without them being visible to opponents.
The goal of each player is to get rid of his Dominoes before the opponent, and in that case he becomes the winner. However, it often happens that the game is “blocked”, ie that everyone has a few Domino tiles, and yet no one can play anything. Such a situation is said to be “Game Closed” and the winner is the player who has the least Eye among the Dominoes in his “Hand”. If there are two players with the same number of Eyes, there are additional criteria for determining the winner.
GAME RULES (for 6×6 set) – 2, 3 or more players can participate in the game. Everyone takes a certain number of Dominoes from the “pile” at the beginning of the game and they make up his “Hand” for now. The number of tiles drawn depends on the number of players. If 2 players participate in the game, each takes 6 Dominoes. If there are three players, they draw 5 tiles, four players draw 4 Dominoes. The number of dominoes drawn is obtained by subtracting the number of players from the number 8. The game is started by the player in whose “Hand” is the most difficult “Duplet”. If no player has a single “Duplet”, the tiles are shuffled and the players draw again. This only applies to the first batch. In the next, the first is the player who was the weakest in the previous game. He also has to play “Duplet,” and if he’s not there, he drags and plays one out of the “pile,” whatever it is.
A player on his turn always plays one tile from “Hand”. It is placed on either side of the already arranged Domino tiles, with the tiles facing upwards. The tiles are stacked so that they touch their narrower sides. “Doublets” are an exception and they match crosswise compared to other Domino tiles.
SCRABBLE-the most famous word game in the world. It is intended for two to four players who create interconnected words on the board. Tiles with letters that bring different numbers of points are used. Each player competes to score as many points as possible by using their letters in sets and in positions that allow them to make the best use of the value of the letters and prize fields on the board. The winner is the player who has the most points at the end of the game.
Pandemic is a cooperative game in which players work together to confront viral diseases that occur simultaneously around the world! . The trick is that you all play together, plan the best combination of actions, all for the purpose of winning the game itself. This can sometimes be very difficult, because you can lose in as many as three ways, and win only if you find cures for all four diseases.
The game Pandemic was released in 2008 and became a real hit among fans of board games. She has also won numerous awards. So far, several extended versions and stand-alone titles have been published. The 2013 edition of the game contains two new roles – Contigency Planner and Quarantine Specialist. In addition to the physical game, it is also possible to play it via Steama.
Black Peter- is very popular among children. Black Peter cards are required for this game.
A minimum of two players can play. First, the cards need to be shuffled well and distributed evenly to the players. If a player finds two cards with the same sign among his cards, he discards those cards. Now the draw begins: For the player with the most cards left in his hand, the player on his left draws one card, then the next one, and so on. If a drawn player has a pair in his hand, he can put both cards with the same sign in the corner. The game lasts until one player is left with the “Black Peter” card as the only one in his hand and thus he is declared “Black Peter”.
Discord is the simplest way to communicate (chat, video or SMS, in a school club, a daily play group, the world art community or for a player to have a little chat with the team). You can download their app for your computer, mobile phone or simply play through your internet browser.
Cards Against Humanity – is very popular among adults. Cards Against Humanity – a party game for horrible people. Not at all like any game. This game is awkward and simple. In each round, one player asks a question from the black card and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Invite the team to register on Discord and play with this bot.
UNO- is a game that is loved by all ages and because of which many friendships suffered when someone drew a +4 card.
The rules of the game are as follows:
• Each UNO player receives 7 cards.
• Other cards are turned face down and placed on the stack used for taking cards.
• The top card from the stack of cards is rotated and placed next to the stack for The rules of the UNO game dictate that the first player chooses a card from the hand, but so that it must match the card at the top of the pile of discarded cards by number, color, or meaning. The first player then places a card on top of the deck of cards and the next player discards the card so that it matches the card of the previous player. There is also a Wild card that UNO rules say can always be used. When a player cannot play none of his cards must take one card from the deck, which he can discard if it matches the previous one in number, color or meaning. If the player cannot play even after the card is drawn, the next player is on the move.
The game then continues with each player discarding a card that matches the previous one by number or color, or by the player following the instructions on the previous player’s card.
When a player is left with the penultimate card, he must say “uno” aloud and thus warn the other players that he may end the game the next time it is his turn. If a player does not say “uno” and his card touches the deck to discard, any other player may catch it and if he is caught he takes two cards from the deck. But if he is not caught he does not take the penalty card and can end the game.
UNO is a card game, and can be UNO for adults and children. All you need to do is get specific UNO tickets and know the UNO rules so you can start playing.
If you don’t have a Uno card at home, or you don’t have enough players for self-isolation, play it here.
At the letter — one of the players imagines an object in the room. Write the name of the object on paper. He tells the other members of the family only the first letter of the subject. Contestants take turns asking one question. Thus they discover an imaginary object. I can guess right away. After two failed attempts they are eliminated. The winner is the person who first hits the imagined object.
Card Games – In the old days, card games were extremely relevant. It is no less popular today. Adults and children, the elderly population, play. It can last for an hour or it can last all night. A card game is a game based on a deck of cards placed in a specific sequence. The sequence depends on the type of game. There are decks with 52 cards and 36 cards. There are several versions of the appearance of cards. One version says that card games originated according to a Christian account and first appeared in China, and then in Europe. According to another version, the maps were known in ancient Egypt. After another attack, they convened the advice of the wise, deciding how to defend themselves from the enemy. After long meetings, they decided to put their wisdom into the drawings. It was a kind of bridge between God, the universe and man. That is how tarot cards appeared. They consisted of 78 cards. They were used in divination according to four elements: fire, water, air, earth. In Russia, maps began to be used in the 17th century. The card games are believed to have been brought by Cossacks from Ukraine. Card games in the 19th century were incredibly popular. Over time, they began to impose bans on them. They reportedly saw it as an unclean force. There are no obvious prohibitions today. Still, card lovers look on with suspicion. The types of card games represent the whole age. It is believed that in games you can understand what kind of person a player is and what place he occupies on the social ladder of life. People play all kinds of card games from the simplest to the most complex and from amateur to commercial. All kinds of card games mean big company, often money and a good mood. And of course, the expertise of the hand. Card games are:
• gambling
• intelligence
Card games are:
• Thousand
• Bridge
• Advantage
This group of games includes commercial and the most difficult card games. Huge instructions were published on them. Training programs are being implemented. Gambling is divided into:
• poker
• blackjack
• Tran
• baccarat
• Drunkard
• ecarte
• Macao
• Pharaoh
In games like this, your skill is of little use to anyone. Success and happiness are important here. The last group of intellectual games is divided into:
• King (ladies prefer)
• dominoes
• chests
• 101 points
• Mind games are rarely accompanied by commercial transactions because they are easy and predictable. Commercial games can last all night. Games of chance are intellectual games and fast and with multiple advantages. Today, there are decks of cards in every home. But don’t get carried away, because otherwise you could be trapped by gambling and lose your head, and your whole life. After all, maps still hold many secrets to this day. And who knows what joke I can play with someone.
• Cardboard Games – This section is undoubtedly needed by those who want to learn to play various card games, from popular Russian folk games like Fool, Seka and 101, to exotic foreign games like Poker, Baccarat, Ekarte.
• A game where you need to build an entire game strategy, like King.

When the game is boring, you don’t want to play it. But games are different – for fun, but there are also games of chance that are usually played for money. These include Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat. Choose what you like and wish you good luck!
What are the types of card games
Society’s attitude towards card games is not so clear. A significant portion of the population considers playing cards useless and worthless, along with increased brain activity, which in turn leads to fatigue from overwork. The secretion of adrenaline during the stay of the body in an aroused state leads to the so-called card addiction. In fact, playing cards allows you to train your intellect and experience a rush of adrenaline, which, in turn, will help relieve stress. Different types of card games allow you to choose the right entertainment for people of different ages with different preferences in organizing leisure activities. And it is very important that you can play cards online or at the table for free in the company of friends or relatives.
We choose card games ourselves
You can classify the types of card games as follows:
1. Folk.
2. Family card games.
Gambling card games
The possibility of winning in such games mainly depends on chance and does not require work on developing gaming skills. We can say that the coincidence factor is of great importance. But strategy plays an important role here. An important feature of such games is the ability to conduct competitions in cash cards.
An example of such a game could be poker, as the most famous card game of its kind. It allows you to play two or more players and several common variants. Poker competitions are regularly organized in many countries around the world, bringing together hundreds of thousands of players. The most popular variety is Omaha poker. Today, any internet user can easily master the basic skills of the game by going to the site of any of the many online casinos.
Games with commercial interest
The most popular commercial card game is “Preference”. There is no room for coincidence here. The game and the result directly depend on the player’s abilities and knowledge. The game is widespread in areas that were previously part of the USSR. A feature of games in this category is the complexity of the rules. Indeed, most commercial games have quite complex rules.
Folk and family card games
Such games, with rules that are easy to understand, allow a person of any age and level of preparation to participate in them. As a rule, it is enough to know just a few simple principles to successfully support the game. The most famous and widespread game in our country is Fool. It can be attended by two to six people. Despite the direct rules, the game allows you to improve your skills and enjoy it at any age. Here you can learn how to make money for fun or. Details on which gaming toys can be trusted will be available at the site.
Explore the world using popular card games
For some, simple “Fool” may be a favorite popular card game, while others prefer more serious games like Preference and complex solitaire games. However, from the moment most card games became widespread, leaders emerged. Even if this game is not respected too much in our area, but still, it is led by five leaders.
The list opens with the famous, but we should rather mention its specific variety called Texas Holdem. The game originated in a small town called Robstown in the US state of Texas in the 20th century. People didn’t immediately like this intricate game. Thus, it was only after the 1960s that poker managed to win the hearts of all game visitors.
The turning point was in 1970. When the game reached world level, that’s when the first major tournament called the WSOP was held. First of all, the game itself is very interesting and gives people the opportunity to make good money on it, but here we need to rely on the risk factor, which means that in most cases gambling people who want to make a profit from it A with the advent of the Internet tournaments and sites where people can play both poker and other games, which attracts more people.
The card game Bridge has been at the forefront of popular card games for decades. What we call modern Bridge today is a direct descendant of Vista, with a bit of Eastern bias. The rules are very complex, which arouses genuine interest, many easily claim that this type of card game can be more fun than chess. In addition, the popularity of the game has found its application on the sports field. Bridge is a phenomenon of the last century, which has turned from a simple salon game into one of the most popular card games, both then and today.
Well solitaire – without a doubt solitaire can be called the most widespread and most sought after card game in the world. Before that, the game was generally not so appealing to fans to play cards, but the game gained its popularity with the release of the first computers that already had a certain set of games for the standard operating system. This fun is one of the leading places on the list of popular card games.
Paul Aullfil is the inventor of the game of solitaire. He researched several old solitaire games. He changed the rules a bit and added changes and made the game much longer than usual.
Whist is perhaps one of the oldest and most fun games on this list, created in the sixteenth century. This very popular card game began to gain momentum in popularity in England, and other civilized corners of the planet. However, since the advent of the Bridge game, the game has lost in importance. It is unique in its own way and has a set of rules that attract people. The game has become widespread in certain regions, but that does not prevent it from taking the leading position among all other card games.
Card games have firmly entered the daily life of man since the Middle Ages. Our various card games are represented primarily in casinos, in gambling clubs, primarily poker. Of course, while traveling, both at home and with friends, we enjoy playing cards. Card games can be divided into two main categories: gambling in which chance brings victory and commercial card playing, in which the player’s skill significantly affects the score.

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