Dear women of the world, respect yourself and others

2020-05-30 08.40.45
1. Respect yourself and support other women and other men in your daily life. Reach out to each other. Look forward to other people’s successes. Discard all prejudices that hinder and restrain you.
2. Look for a guiding thread that will surely guide you much easier in your life paths and inspire you in the process.
3. Dear women, fight for the whole society to evolve and for successful women to be viewed from a purely professional point of view.
4. All women go through turbulent periods in life. Try to find strength and rise stronger and with more optimism.
5. Support all other women especially those who are going through difficult life temptations.
6. Don’t burden yourself with criticism, status, and other people’s successes. Do not take any of the above personally and to the extent that it burdens you, your family and work.
7. Good work, perseverance, focus, courage and boldness are always important for success.
8. Love and appreciate work, family, loved ones and all the other good people in the world.
9. Technology, speed of change and new rapid developments greatly affect life and business environment. Be a part of the change. Work on yourself and others. Success does not come overnight.
10. Dear women, I wish you good luck and success in all private and business fields. I want all your wishes, hopes and dreams to come true. Be honest and authentic. Everything you do — do with a heart and a full soul.
11. It is very challenging to create a balance between work and motherhood. In spite of everything, let these be the two greatest loves of all women.
12. When you are fed up with business books, financial reports, business commitments, make a small “switch” and move into your world of fantasizing, creative ideas, creating, cooking, dancing, casual walks and socializing, creating, thinking, practicing, meditating and singing.
13. It is most difficult for women to influence the people around them with the same energy and enthusiasm every day. We know that energy drives people. When you manage to transfer energy, love and emotions then you have transferred knowledge.
14. Every new project, job and new acquaintance for women is a part of the universe. For each new discovery of fragments of the universe, women around the world are always and again grateful because it ennobles their spirit and broadens their horizons.
15. Women around the world are happy to pass on positive experiences to younger generations and co-workers. Their motivation is then to watch other younger people grow, develop and achieve more and better.
16. Women are often most challenged to struggle with their own self-doubt and what they are doing.


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