Eldin Šljivo makes a children’s wooden balance bike

Eldin Šljivo from Bosnia and Herzegovina (the town of Bugojno) makes wooden things. In an interview for the Bugojno-danas.info portal, Eldin revealed where his desire for this hobby came from.
“I have always loved making things out of wood, improvising and repairing mechanical components on various devices. I grew up working with my father who has many years of experience in woodworking, I was always attracted to making unique things from natural materials that are long lasting, where each product has its own history. The pandemic due to COVID-19, created an excess of free time that I decided to use for something creative and to finally put many ideas into action. I bought basic machines and that’s how it all started “, Eldin Šljivo points out for Bugojno Danas.
How one product is created, is it difficult to make this eco-friendly handmade product?
“The road from design to the finished product is long and it was not easy to find all the necessary materials during the pandemic, I had to improvise a lot and my wife Dina enters the story with a master’s degree in geodesy with rich technical knowledge. solutions. We tested all the products on our two sons, who also served as a model for determining all dimensions so that the products would be functional and safe to use. There were a lot of challenges which wood to use, which components to improve, to simplify, how it will work “, adds Šljivo.
What are the comments of customers and acquaintances?
“People are generally surprised and very curious. Customer comments are positive, we started with the production of beech rolls and boards for cutting and serving oak and beech food. Passers-by are especially thrilled with the balance bike and baby walker. Balance bike is very profitable to buy because the height of the seat can be adjusted so that it can be used by children from 3 to even 6 years, it is great for the development of motor skills and balance.
Many are interested in the prices of these beautiful handicrafts
“Prices are affordable and in line with our market. Those who choose to have unique wooden handicrafts will know how to appreciate homemade handmade products. Things like this are highly sought after and expensive outside, as they are considered organic products, and handmade is especially appreciated. In the era of consumerism and low-quality plastic imported products, we have turned to domestic production of our wood, which is long-lasting and unsurpassed. ”
Is it possible to order any product, ie according to the customer’s wishes?
“We dedicate ourselves individually to each product, we plan to introduce some innovations that we will adjust to the current demand, and we also do things to order,” concludes Eldin Šljivo for the Bugojno Danas portal.
Source: https://www.bugojno-danas.info/

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