New York is an equally exciting and enchanting city in every season

New York is one of the cities that fascinates every visitor over and over again. The number of skyscrapers that sprout in such a limited space every day is incredible. There is little space in relation to demand. So lower-rise buildings that have a city permit to build multiple floors are literally selling air above their land to extend the adjacent building to that part.
The biggest item to visit in New York is accommodation. Expensive Manhattan, cheaper Astoria in Queens or some other accessible part of town. You are looking for accommodation near the subway and for example from Astoria to Manhattan you arrive in about 15 minutes. The metro is the most practical for moving around the city. Buy a 7 day unlimited ticket. Then add money or pay per ride depending on how long your stay in New York lasts. With this ticket you can ride the bus, subway and even the cable car. Other options are taxi service, the popular Uber or some other app that works in New York. Always count on traffic jams.
Another important item to visit in New York is your personal budget. New York is a really expensive city. Still, a visitor can save money on many things. Eat at delicatessens that have a buffet and charge for food by weight. Another option are classic dineries where you also set aside money for a tip which is a normal thing in the United States. If you love Starbucks. Buy a Starbucks card at the box office. Put money on the card and register online. That way you will have a “free refill” to drink. Check online for discounts before traveling (Groupon often has discounts on food and events). Sometimes on these pages you can find great restaurants that offer a big discount at certain times throughout the year.
Selected stores to save money on clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, perfumes are: Marshalls, Century 21, Burlington and TJ Maxx. Many museums in New York (MOMA) have a free day. It’s a big crowd then but worth a try. An excellent museum is certainly the Metropolitan Museum of Art located near Central Park. It should be mentioned that Central Park is a huge park where you can stand in the middle of the park and not see any buildings in the area. Central Park contains plenty of bridges, animals, green spaces, lakes and rocks. Here people come to do work in a Zen environment / meditation or to relax.

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New York City neighborhoods that may have European charm are SOHO and West village. They feature plenty of low-rise buildings with shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and the original location of the popular Magnolia Bakery. The city offers plenty of seating and enjoyment in popular locations (Times Square and in front of the Flatiron building). In addition to Central Park in New York, there are two other interesting parks to visit: Bryant Park (famous for holding New York Fashion Week, which has a skating rink during the holidays) and High Line Park in Meatpacking District (built on old tracks where trains passed by the building ). Now it is an oasis with plenty of plants, places to relax and walk overlooking the city and the Hudson River. A walk along the famous Fifth Avenue is certainly a valuable experience for all visitors to New York. A tour of the avenue with huge shop windows that will be specially decorated during the holiday season. This is where the popular Trump Tower is located, guarded by military service with long barrels. When you cross to the other side of New York over some of the bridges on the Hudson River, the must-see location is the Brooklyn Bridge, which offers perhaps the most beautiful view of the city. There is the option of passing under the bridge by fast boat that takes you from Long Island City in Queens to Wall Street. Although this is an ordinary city line you can stand outdoors and enjoy the view of the city as on tourist boats. Brood stops on Roosevelt Island between Queens and Manhattan where you can use the cable car that transports passengers to Second Avenue.
As long as your stay in New York lasts, make it unforgettable and unusual.


  1. New York is a great place to visit, it is not a pretty city and even less an ancient city, but New York fascinates, New York attracts. There are so many great sites to see, it is difficult to see them all, some planning is needed or just walk the streets and grab what is around.

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    • Dear “Lookoom”,
      Thanks a lot for all those detailed and valuable information regarding New York. Its worth a lot for all of us wishing to see the town one day. Wishing you all the best. Amela.


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